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BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 lands first on TIM


tim blackberry pearl 8220

First the BlackBerry Storm video, now this: those Italians get to have all the fun! That’s right, it appears that Italian carrier TIM is the first to release the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, RIM’s first flip phone. Priced at 269€ (approx. $370 USD), the Pearl Flip should appeal to those fashionable Italians with its clean lines and black coloring. You can see the full specs (in Italian!) after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Joe!

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 specs

New BlackBerry Storm video, Verizon 9530 ‘leak’


At this point, no one should be surprised that this Italian promotional video of the BlackBerry Storm has appeared on the Internet. However, what is surprising is just how sexy and chic the device comes across: it certainly looks as though the Storm can give any other handset a run for its money.

In addition to the exciting video above, CrackBerry.com has posted the latest ‘leaked’ information from the latest Verizon internal ‘Talking Up a Storm’ email mailout. You can read the mailout, which deals with the BlackBerry Storms’ global features after the jump.

(via CB)

Talking Up a Storm: Connecting Home and Abroad

BlackBerry Unite! available internationally


BlackBerry Unite! banner

Previously available in only North America, BlackBerry Unite! has now been localized for all around the globe. Central American, Italian, German, French, Asia Pacific and Spanish versions of the software is available for small groups of up to 5 to share media, contacts, and take care of management tasks. There are plenty of small and medium businesses out there that could use some extra functionality from their BlackBerrys, and when the software is free, it’s hard to go wrong.

(BlackBerry Support Community Forums via BerryReview)

Download sites for BlackBerry Unite! behind the jump…

OS 4.5 available from Orange UK


OrangeThe latest BlackBerry operating system has been making the rounds by way of private beta builds for awhile now, but it looks like a few carriers are starting to make them publicly available, including Orange UK for the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8320, as well as TIM Italy for the 8100, 8300 and 8310. Odds are these will work hunky-dory for your own device, so feel free to give ‘em a shot and get on fresh goodies like HTML e-mail viewing (if your BIS supports it), remote e-mail lookup, native document viewing, and plenty more.

(Pinstack via BerryReview)


BlackBerry Bold coming to Italy


AT&T BlackBerry 9000Stefano’s all a-twitter after hearing that TIM will be carrying the BlackBerry 9000 on the second week of July, and going for 450/500€. Vodafone was one of the earliest carriers that we had heard was going to carry the newest BlackBerry, so the fact that the Bold is coming to Europe isn’t so much a surprise, but it does give credence to other supposed release dates. It sounds like this is going to be a worldwide release in a very closely packed timeframe. This is great, since generally we’ve seen devices released at one end of the pond and then take their sweet time swimming over to the other (heck, Rogers still hasn’t got the 8120 yet, and it was released last fall).

Italian 8110 Launch Party on the 30th


Vodafone 8110Stefano at BBWorld has been cordially invited to RIM and Vodafone’s party for the Italian launch of the BlackBerry 8110, happening on January 30th. The GPS-enabled Pearl’s launch was predicted by Jibi last November, and will be available in 3 colors – red, blue, and grey – and also features a 2 megapixel camera. There’s no word yet on when the rest of the world will get their hot little hands on it, but if past experience with the 8120 release is any indicator, the GPS Pearl will spread to other European countries pretty quickly and North America will get it… well, sooner or later.