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BlackBerry MediaSync shows up on RIM servers, gets pulled


The talented sleuths over at BerryReview were able to sniff out the nascent BlackBerry MediaSync application expected to appear with BlackBerry OS 4.6. BlackBerry MediaSync allows users to sync iTunes files to your BlackBerry; Nanu reported syncing 260 songs with album art in about 10 minutes, which is not bad at all.

Of course, RIM has already yanked the file, but we’ve heard that it can still be found on the Internets. Grab it before its gone, as well.

Click here to download BlackBerry MediaSync

(via BerryReview)

BlackBerry OS 4.6 features (Browser, iTunes Sync, Alarm, Spell Check)


BlackBerry OS 4.6Who needs OS 4.5 when you can have OS 4.6? Of course, you’re going to have to wait until the BlackBerry Bold is released to get it, but we’re all going to buy one anyways, right?

We’ve got our hands on a top-level feature listing of OS 4.6 (due 2nd half of ‘08) and it doesn’t seem to feature anything we didn’t already know about, but it tells us more about what we did. New stuff? Almost too much to name… The BlackBerry Browser will feature increased support of web standards, like AJAX and CSS 2.1, spell check is now continuous (finally!), files can now be downloaded via the browser… you’re just going to check out the pics yourself and tell us what you like the most.

(Ted! Ted! Ted! You are sooo getting a free tee shirt!)

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