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Task Management App “did u?” Gives You An Added Push To Finish Your To Do List


Introducing did u? from Appsiders on Vimeo.

The “did u?” app is a very simple app that has one goal in mind: to help you finish your To Do list. While To Do lists can get long and cumbersome, the “did u?” app seeks to simplify the experience. With “did u?”, you simply add a List, fill it with items, and set a deadline. The app will then ask if you’ve completed those items, giving you an added push to get things done.

Read the full article over at Macgasm.net.

The Top 5 Vendors on iOS By Number of Apps Submitted to the App Store


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how one BlackBerry World vendor, S4BB, has submitted 47,000+ apps to store and that it doesn’t bode well for BlackBerry’s view that it was about “quality, not quantity”. We decided to do some investigating with the help of the guys at Pretzil.com, to find out exactly how many apps the top 5 vendors, by number of apps, have submitted. Nobody comes close with the most number of apps submitted by a single vendor being 2,168.
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Bang With Friends CEO Says His Co-Founder’s Mom “Loves It”


In a completely serious interview, Business Insider sat down with the CEO of Bang With Friends to talk about what it’s like being outed as the creators and developers of the app. Previously, the developers remained anonymous, and they wanted to know if it’s embarrassing or stressful now that people know they’re the creators of a controversial hook-up app. In what seems like a genuine slip of the tongue, the CEO said “my co-founder’s mom loves it.” Watch the interview because it’s amazing everyone didn’t burst out laughing and stop the interview right then and there.
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BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App


IHS table

There’s been a lot of buzz recently over the IHS Screen Digest Table: Global Mobile Applications Store Ranking in 2010 and 2009. Though I’m sure you’ve seen it in many articles, I’ve included here for reference.

Most of the buzz related to this chart has revolved around people saying either Apple still dominates, Android has a weaker showing than expected, or look at how much growth Android has had. Very little has been written about the REAL story that chart is showing: BlackBerry App World generates a higher revenue per app than any other store — by a wide margin. Guess you better drop all your iPhone devs and get working on BlackBerry projects right?Well, maybe, but drastic action to statistics is usually a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at these numbers and I will make the case that BlackBerry gets hosed by the media in terms of coverage (at least positive coverage) for App World and that, while a drop-everything-for-BlackBerry approach is probably not warranted, if you’re still not considering BlackBerry for app development you are seriously hindering your revenue potential for your product.

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Music WithMe Updated With More Playlists and Improved Speeds


parkvu music withme

Music WithMe lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry and the app has been updated to 1.4v. The new version improves download speeds increases the amount of playlists you can sync. The average Music WithMe user has about 18 playlists, and the new version will accommodate the Music WithMe users who are big-time playlist creators.
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Music WitMe Updated with More Support for iTunes Playlists


parkvu music withme

Today ParkVu is announcing updates to Music WithMe, the BlackBerry app that lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry. Tracks are downloaded via cellular network or Wi-Fi, stored on the media card and played from the BlackBerry’s own media player. On a side note, since its launch a month ago, Music WithMe has processed over 1,000,000 iTunes tracks.

Music WithMe new features include:

  • Support for iTunes playlist folders - sync your playlist folder on your BlackBerry and any subsequently added playlists to the folder are automatically synced to the device
  • New playlist info - In playlist screen, select ‘playlist info’ to view the number of tracks in the playlist that can be played, the number of unsupported tracks due to format or DRM protection as well as the number of tracks in the cloud, tracks needed from iTunes and tracks that can’t be found
  • Support for network attached storage/media servers

Check out Music WithMe in App World for more information.