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Music WitMe Updated with More Support for iTunes Playlists


parkvu music withme

Today ParkVu is announcing updates to Music WithMe, the BlackBerry app that lets you wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists with your BlackBerry. Tracks are downloaded via cellular network or Wi-Fi, stored on the media card and played from the BlackBerry’s own media player. On a side note, since its launch a month ago, Music WithMe has processed over 1,000,000 iTunes tracks.

Music WithMe new features include:

  • Support for iTunes playlist folders – sync your playlist folder on your BlackBerry and any subsequently added playlists to the folder are automatically synced to the device
  • New playlist info – In playlist screen, select ‘playlist info’ to view the number of tracks in the playlist that can be played, the number of unsupported tracks due to format or DRM protection as well as the number of tracks in the cloud, tracks needed from iTunes and tracks that can’t be found
  • Support for network attached storage/media servers

Check out Music WithMe in App World for more information.

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ParkVu Announces Music WithMe to Wirelessly Sync iTunes Playlist


ParkVu has announced the launch of their Music WithMe app for BlackBerry that allows you to wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry. The app does this over a WiFi or cell connection and automatically updates your playlists when you make changes on your desktop. This app runs in the background and works with the native media player so you can store and play your tracks as usual.

The app comes in 2 components: a desktop app that currently only runs on Windows (Mac soon to follow) and an app that you purchase in App World and sits on your device. The app currently costs $14.99 and comes with a 30 day free trial.

We’ll have a review of Music WithMe up in the near future so stay tuned.

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skySYNC Launches open beta



skySYNC is a system that allows you to access and cloud sync your iTunes music library from the web or from your BlackBerry. Until now, skySYNC has been running a closed beta and has just recently opened it up to the general public with the launch of their 1.0 release.

Head over to skySYNC to try it out.


7digital launches their MP3 download service for BlackBerry



7Digital have officially announced the launch of their BlackBerry app with access to over 7 million MP3s. The app allows users to download music over GPRS/EDGE/3G or WiFi, and build a library of DRM-free MP3s on their BlackBerry.

The app, developed in partnership with DevelopIQ, will also let users access purchased tracks on 7digital.com via the built-in digital locker. You will be able to listen to the tracks from an integrated media player, as well as stream them to your car or home via Bluetooth.

The 7digital app is available for the Bold, Curve 8900, Tour, 8520 and Storm.

Download the 7digital app from App World or directly from www.7digital.com/bb.

Didiom Allows iTunes Streaming, Wireless Music Purchase


Didiom announced today the expansion of its mobile media service public beta to include the BlackBerry Pearl today (the beta also supports the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 88xx series). Didiom allows BlackBerry users to access their home computer’s iTunes library remotely and buy over 1.5 million high-quality MP3 songs while on the go. Didiom is unique in that it utilizes a bartering system, allowing users to name their own price for MP3 songs and download them to their BlackBerry or PC. In addition, throughout the beta period Didiom is implementing a cash bonus program to reward prepaid users who purchase MP3 songs.

I downloaded Didiom, which requires you to use both a client on your computer (PC only for now) and my BlackBerry Curve 8330 running OS 4.5. While I was able to listen to the songs available from their library, I couldn’t get my DRM-free iTunes music to stream (Didiom has a DRM-free licensing deal with EPM). While this may not be a big deal for most users, about 99% of my music is DRM-free, meaning the service doesn’t really work for me. Anyone else have more luck?

Download the Didiom public beta for BlackBerry


BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac hands-on


It seems as though RIM has finally heard the cries of many Mac BlackBerry (MacBerry?) users. Earlier this week they released a ‘Preview’ build of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac, and I had to give it a test run. In general, it works as advertised and syncing playlists is surprisingly fast. Unfortunately, you can’t just drag over iTunes albums as is, but have to make a playlist out of each.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

    This is a ‘preview’ build. RIM seems afraid of Mac development and has gone out of their way to tell users that their not legally responsible if Mac Media Sync roxXors yurz blakberreez. You have been warned.
    Mac Media Sync will not work with Pocket Mac or Missing Sync. Which would be fine if RIM had also released a Mac Desktop Manager, but one step at a time, I guess.

Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac