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PocketMac update supports Entourage and iTunes


AppleMac users rejoice! Entourage 2008, designed to emulate much of Microsoft Office, can now support syncing for BlackBerrys released as of May through PocketMac. Devices running OS 4.5 reportedly work like a charm for getting contacts, tasks, and calendar items off your Mac and onto your BlackBerry via Entourage. iTunes support is also in there, although it’s kind of funny that PC users got the iTunes Media Sync first. This is pretty awesome for Mac users everywhere, considering the complete lack of love they tend to get from RIM. Hopefully this will keep enough of them from going with the iPhone instead… Hey, you can always make your BlackBerry look like an iPhone with themes like iBerry in Today, Icon and Zen styles. Head on over to the PocketMac site to download version 4.1.25.

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BlackBerry Media Sync launched


Supposedly the BlackBerry/iTunes syncing utility that was making the rounds last month is ready for primetime, and could be popping up for public download from www.blackberry.com/mediasync at some point today. iTunes support certainly makes BlackBerrys more viable as your number one media player – combined with increasing size of memory cards and high quality stereo Bluetooth headsets, it’s hard to go wrong. If you didn’t have time to nab MediaSync when it was available briefly, today could be your big chance, so keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE: BlackBerry Media Sync is live, so go ahead and check it out!

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BlackBerry MediaSync shows up on RIM servers, gets pulled


The talented sleuths over at BerryReview were able to sniff out the nascent BlackBerry MediaSync application expected to appear with BlackBerry OS 4.6. BlackBerry MediaSync allows users to sync iTunes files to your BlackBerry; Nanu reported syncing 260 songs with album art in about 10 minutes, which is not bad at all.

Of course, RIM has already yanked the file, but we’ve heard that it can still be found on the Internets. Grab it before its gone, as well.

Click here to download BlackBerry MediaSync

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Desktop Manager 4.6 sighted


DM 4.6The shots of 4.5′s BlackBerry Desktop Manager have already been sighted, but 4.6 due to launch with the BlackBerry Bold hasn’t been seen until now. The big feature is the iTunes media syncing promised to come with the BlackBerry 9000, but aside from that, everything looks more or less like the unreleased 4.5 DM.

Streaming iTunes and lyrics on your BlackBerry


PearlTunenuTsie recently announced a partnership with lyrics database LyricFind, letting you search through the lyrics of all the music in your iTunes library from your BlackBerry while you’re listening to streaming tunes. Best of all, it’s free – you just have to export your iTunes metadata and upload it to their servers. BlackBerry support is still in open beta, if you want to give nuTsie a shot and have a data plan that can stomach it. Thanks Josep!

RIM making a mini-BES


RIMThe Globe and Mail just posted about a pretty great product RIM’s working on: the BlackBerry Home Server. The idea is that it would be kind of a mini-BES for your home, which would let RIM’s network operating center to talk with your PC at home, allowing for access to music, photos and files from anywhere with your BlackBerry. The author makes an open comparison to iTunes, and Scotia Capital’s Gus Papageorgiou wasn’t shy about bashing the old model versus the new one RIM is setting up.

“Why do you need this application-specific, expensive piece of hardware that you batch process into your PC every once in a while when you happen to be home, when instead you can just do everything you want to over the air and not have to worry about being at home to sync it with your PC or your laptop?” Mr. Papageorgiou asked.

This is a trend following Microsoft’s Windows Home Server in terms of bringing business functions to home customers, and shows a lot of promise for penetrating the multimedia-crazy consumer market. A few days ago we were talking about advanced features on BlackBerrys, such as music-playing, and how many owners actually use them. If RIM can offer the software which supports those features, we can count on usage (and the value of owning a BlackBerry) going up.