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Watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote


RIM CEO Thorsten Heins gives us a sneak peek of BlackBerry 10, RIM’s next generation mobile OS. The 15-minute video shows off the speedy and gorgeous new user interface that is sure to make any mobile multitasker’s mouth water.

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BlackBerry Jam Americas Hackathon Winners


Before opening day at BlackBerry Jam Americas, several development teams took part in a BlackBerry 10 hackathon to see what apps can come out of a single day of coding. Winners were judged on several criteria and a lot of different types of apps came out of the project.

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BlackBerry Jam World Tour Now Open for Montreal


We were told that the BlackBerry Jam World Tour is only constrained by the number of BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices that RIM can manufacture. One of the reasons the manufacturing process isn’t up to speed is because there’s issues with some parts having an end-of-life and thus creating a bottleneck. It seems RIM has freed up more Alpha devices or they’ve just figured out a way to squeeze another city in the tour because Montreal is now an available as a city. You can’t currently register for the Montreal Jam session on July 11th, but surely you will be able to soon.
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BlackBerry 10 Jam Videos From BlackBerry World 2012


RIM has posted their BlackBerry 10 Jam videos from BBW2012. I think giving developers nearly a full 2 years head start before launching on smartphones is a sound strategy for the platform to launch with a critical mass of apps.

Lots of BlackBerry 10 Jam videos after the jump.
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