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Exclusive and Free World Cup 2010 BlackBerry Themes!


We have a lot of free unofficial World Cup 2010 BlackBerry themes just in time to cheer on your favorite team. The World Cup 2010 themes were developed by Catalyst Multimedia, members of ID-GTF, a Blackberry theme developers community in Indonesia (GTF is short of Garage Theme Factory). These themes feature:

  • 4 nice looking wallpapers
  • Customized underlay application screen button
  • Customized battery meter
  • Customized signal meter

Uploading these themes was a lot of work so if any of the links are broken, make sure to tell us in the comments and we’ll fix them.

To install the theme, click on the link for your device and download the zip file. Then, make sure to read this guide to installing a theme JAD file on your device.
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I love Japan BlackBerry theme with 20 free giveaways


The I Love Japan BlackBerry theme is a simple way to show some love for Japan. Maybe you taught English there, or maybe you were born there and you want to show off the flag. Either way, this theme is decent and comes with 6 configurable icons. It’s also animated.

Also, for the first 20, Temas is giving away free copies of the theme. Just use the coupon code COUNTRYBBCOOL to get the discount.

Check out more themes from Temas in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

UPDATE: Found the link for all the countries. The discount code applies to all Country Series themes.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 in top 10 smartphones in Japan


A recent survey of 2,300 Japanese retail stores conducted by the market research company BCN in Japan revealed that the BlackBerry Bold is number 6 on the top 10 smartphones list. The BCN ranking is a weekly top 10 list of bestselling cellphones (not just smartphones) for the June 22 to 28 period.

The iPhone dominated the upper ranks of the list but the survey is a little misleading. The survey was conducted during the launch of the iPhone 3Gs and therefore the hype surrounding the device skews the numbers.

According to TG Daily, Apple has sold 1 million iPhones since July 2008 through Softbank, its exclusive Japanese carrier. Number 3 in the BCN survey is the NTT DoCoMo Aquos SH-04A, designed by Sharp.


The BlackBerry Bold in Japan - a user survey


Recently, I’ve been reporting about Bold’s in Japan overheating. The article caused a lot of people to start commenting about what it’s like owning a BlackBerry in their part of the world. I find RIM’s presence in Japan really interesting because previously, North American smartphones would be considered not powerful enough for the Japanese market. Since there are so many questions, I decided to ask a Japanese BBCool reader what he thinks about his latest BlackBerry Bold purchase.

BlackBerryCool: Why did you buy a BlackBerry?
Makoto Kazuo: I work in an international team and all my American colleagues have one. I thought it was a really cool technology. I’m a research assistant and do lots of fieldwork. I need to access my email while I’m out of my office. Carrying my laptop around for that purpose wasn’t very fun. And the QWERTY keyboard was a big plus. When you have to type long texts (sometimes I write myself a long email as a field note), it’s a must. So when it came out here, I bought it right away.
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NTT DoCoMo will bring back the BlackBerry Bold


Although NTT DoCoMo halted sales of the BlackBerry Bold, the carrier is definitely going to continue selling the device to both enterprise and consumers alike. I know this because the carrier sent out an email requesting BlackBerry software providers to contact them about partnerships to sell their software to Japanese BlackBerry users. According to the email:

NTT DOCOMO is a top mobile carrier in Japan and has excusive sales authority for BlackBerry series in Japan.
Although they have attracted a loyal but relatively small core of users to date, the market is expected to expand,
particularly among users who place a priority on secure mobile access to synchronized office email, schedules and files.

Now if they can just figure out their overheating BlackBerry issues.

Overheating BlackBerry Bold is a Japanese conspiracy


BlackBerry Bold

Recently, there have been a lot of reports about the BlackBerry Bold in Japan experiencing “overheating.” NTT DoCoMo has stopped sales of the device after only 4,000 were sold. After having spent a long time working in South Korea and traveling in Japan, I got a strong feeling of consumer protectionism throughout both cultures. RIM only recently was able to export BlackBerry to South Korea because of isolationist trade policy.

Although Korea and Japan are very different cultures, who share some common foods and social norms due to colonization, their proclivity to purchase local products is obvious to anyone who has lived in either country.

The blogger in me believes that due to the recession and fall of the Japanese economy, NTT DoCoMo may be under pressure to give Japanese handset manufacturers an unfair advantage. Is it possible the Bold scared Japanese officials who want their businessmen using only Japanese-made smartphones? Or is their claim of overheating valid? Keep in mind that Japan is the only country reporting these problems.

What say you BlackBerry Cool readers?

Analysts are saying that region-specific software could be overclocking the device leading to overheating. If this were the case, do you not think we could have isolated said software by now?

If you know of someone in Japan (Japanese, not an expat) who owns a Bold, please comment!


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