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BlackBerry Bold 9000 in top 10 smartphones in Japan



A recent survey of 2,300 Japanese retail stores conducted by the market research company BCN in Japan revealed that the BlackBerry Bold is number 6 on the top 10 smartphones list. The BCN ranking is a weekly top 10 list of bestselling cellphones (not just smartphones) for the June 22 to 28 period.

The iPhone dominated the upper ranks of the list but the survey is a little misleading. The survey was conducted during the launch of the iPhone 3Gs and therefore the hype surrounding the device skews the numbers.

According to TG Daily, Apple has sold 1 million iPhones since July 2008 through Softbank, its exclusive Japanese carrier. Number 3 in the BCN survey is the NTT DoCoMo Aquos SH-04A, designed by Sharp.