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J.D. Power: iPhone beats BlackBerry in Business (WTF?)


This story is a great example of how numbers can be misleading, even when they come from respectable sources. J.D. Power has published a study stating that the iPhone far surpasses BlackBerrys among business users. Before we go dismantling this article, let’s give you some more information first.

The study was based on responses from 1,388 business wireless customers who currently own a smartphone. It was fielded between August and September 2008. Overall satisfaction was measured across five factors: ease of operation (27%); operating system (24%); physical design (21%); handset features (18%); and battery aspects (10%).

On a scale of 1,000, the iPhone reached 778 points, while the BlackBerry came in second with 703 points.

So what’s wrong with this article? Firstly, while we can assume that the iPhone 3G was used in the study, the BlackBerry used (or if it was one or many) is not mentioned. Was it a BlackBerry Curve? If so, I can see how many people would prefer the much newer iPhone 3G. However, the iPhone should have been placed against the BlackBerry Bold or Storm for a fair comparison, devices which had not been released at the time of the study.

Secondly, the initial premise that the iPhone can be used as a serious business phone is essentially false. While corporate VPs that need only email and a pretty device could use the iPhone 3G, that’s the only segment of the enterprise space to which it would apply. Serious enterprises simply won’t role out the iPhone 3G on a large scale. It is not as secure as the BlackBerry (read: no BES), no serious enterprise software is provided (read: no Rove Mobile Admin, no momentem… etc.) and it’s basic functionality as a serious communication device is limited (read: no copy and paste). J.D. Powers simply wasn’t asking the right people.

You can see more results from the J.D. Powers study after the jump. Please take all numbers with a grain of salt.

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J.D Powers Smartphone Business Study

Fido tops Canadian customer satisfaction


FidoJ.D. Power and Associates, the same folks who did the BlackBerry customer satisfaction survey not too long ago, have put Rogers’ subsidiary Fido as top of the list for customer satisfaction. The study looked at billing, call quality, cost of service, customer service and service plan options to determine the top dog.

“We would like to thank our customers who gave us their vote of confidence and our employees who’ve worked so hard to make us better, because
you can’t receive the J.D. Power and Associates award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Contract Wireless Service” without a lot of help,” says Sylvain Roy, SVP and General Manager, Fido. “We believe this award demonstrates that we are living up to our brand promise: Always by your side, with fairness, transparency, helpful suggestions and a rewarding experience from day one,” he adds.

RIM beats out Palm, Samsung and Motorola in customer satisfaction


FirstWhile the BlackBerry might still need some work against the iPhone, it’s still kicking tail against other smartphone manufacturers when it comes to keeping enterprise buyers happy. J.D. Power and Associates used a rating system which examined a smartphone’s ease of use, operating system, form factor, audio, battery and utilities, in order of weight. Palm and Samsung tied for second place, with Motorola behind the industry average. Outside of that, the survey also touched on some other trends among smartphone users, such as the 40% who wants GPS versus the mere 26% who want Wi-Fi. The top features folks are looking for in a smartphone are “personal information manager (PIM) functionality (50%), Internet capability (48%), Bluetooth capabilities (46%), general ease of use (44%) and overall design/style (44%).” Funniest thing is that games topped enterprise users’ choice for third-party software – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, huh?