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BlackBerry JDE 4.5 goes public


BlackBerry LogoBasement devs, start your engines. If you aren’t one of those companies that are super-cozy with RIM and getting the Java Desktop Environement well in advance, it’s now available for open download. HTML e-mail viewing, spell check and BlackBerry Maps integration are all a part of the new package. Maps opens up some options… Since Google opened up its maps API, a lot have companies have been able to do some great stuff with it. I’ve always been a fan of BlackBerry Maps, and think there are some similar opportunities there.

(via BerryReview)

OS 4.3 helps wipe your BlackBerry clean


Mr. CleanJibi has scoped out a new feature in OS 4.3 which allows for a clean wipe of your BlackBerry back to factory settings. Handy, simple, and most of all, it resets all of your BES security restrictions. Given, all those IT policies get reinstated once you hook up to your BES again, the new JavaLoader command does make reselling a lot easier. Presuming you have the Java Desktop Environment installed, all you have to do is pull it up in your command prompt and type in “javaloader -u resettofactory”. Easy as pie.

BlackBerry JDE 4.3 available for download


BBLogoWe’ve got some good news for the devs out there. We’ve received word that the BlackBerry Desktop Environment v.4.3 is now available for download, complete with Vista compatibility. With the JDE out, we can now keep our eyes good and peeled for a 4.3 Desktop Manager, or better yet an OS upgrade. Of course, we gotta give developers a bit of a head start to pump out the software we love so very, very much. You can check out some of the new features in the documentation.