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JetBlue buys Verizon’s Airfone biz, to offer in-flight email (but not with BlackBerrys)


BlackBerry Plane

JetBlue Airways has agreed to buy Verizon’s Airfone business to offer e-mail and messaging services aboard planes. Verizon has been shedding businesses lately to focus on its wireless service. The purchase lets JetBlue expand an in-flight messaging service it started testing on one plane in December and plans to add to other aircraft and carriers. JetBlue won a U.S. government auction of airwaves this month to provide Web service on flights.

While this won’t allow us to use our BlackBerrys yet for email goodness, JetBlue has said they’re studying ways to allow passengers to use them during flights. The wait continues…

(via Bloomberg)


BlackBerry enjoys sky-high Wi-Fi


PlanesNot only will BlackBerrys be helping you to get on the plane in the first place, but soon they’ll give you something do once you’re in the air, too. Jetblue will be offering free Yahoo! instant messaging and e-mail access for free to BlackBerry users on one of their flights next week to test out in-plane Wi-Fi access. The Airbus A320 dubbed BetaBlue will start the testing next Tuesday on Flight 641 from New York to San Francisco, with the eventual goal of an airline-wide rollout. Of course, once the program goes live, you can expect some pretty hefty fees to be tagged onto data usage – just pretend you’re in Canada.