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Show Me the Images by BBerryGo Updated and 50% Off


BlackBerry developer BBerryGo has just updated their email images convenience app to support BlackBerry 6. Show Me the Images displays all email images without having to enable them one-by-one as you read them.

BBerryGo is also having a software sale over the week of DevCon2010, choose from Mancala: the classic board game of counting and strategy, Photo Quest: an observation game of spotting the differences, or Show Me the Images. Enter the code BBGODEVCON at checkout to get 50% off all BBerryGo software.

Offer ends Thursday September 30th 2010.

Check out BBerryGo apps in the store.

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Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile


BlackBerry OS on Windows Mobile?

As we learned a few weeks ago, Research In Motion plans to release a
virtual BlackBerry OS for Windows Mobile devices. Well, with the release of BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager 4.2 SP2, it would appear that we have a bit more confirmation that this project is becoming a reality, if not already most of the way there.

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BlackBerry OS 4.3.0 on the way?


Regular BBCool contributor Jibi has an inside scoop on the next BlackBerry OS.

“It will have a Platform version of 2.7.0, where we currently have versions 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 for OS versions 4.2.1 and 4.2.2, respectively. … The one deduction that can be made is that OS version 4.2.2 [available only on the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8830, so far] may very well be the last we’ll see of the OS 4.2.x family, one of the strongest series from RIM to date.”

Jibi goes on to speculate that the OS might come out with the next Pearl, which wouldn’t be entirely surprising. You can bet your thumbs BBCool will be keeping an eye out for any future developments on this front. Cheers, Jibi!