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Research in Motion 1st Quarter Fiscal 2011 Conference Call Summary


We’re now into the 2nd quarter of RIM’s fiscal year 2011 and today RIM hosted a conference call summarizing the first quarter as well as a little insight into what to expect in the next. As with every conference call, RIM made it clear that growth opportunities for the company are primarily focused in international markets, as well as converting feature phone users to smartphone users. It would be a real shame to see RIM become a company focused on making smartphones with low ASPs. A race to the bottom would probably mean selling more devices in the short term, but they would lose a lot of respect from the hardcore smartphone users who need innovative devices that cost a lot.
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BlackBerry Cufflinks for the Tuxedo-Wearing BlackBerry User



BlackBerry Cufflinks are a pretty awesome accessory but they would be even more awesome if they were made out of pure platinum. I could see myself wearing these if I was either Jim Balsillie, or a millionaire eBay seller who sold unreleased devices (not like those guys are rich). Fifty dollars for the pair is a little much for a party gag but I’m sure someone is buying. Also, why make it out of 8800s? They should be Storms.

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Jim Balsillie Wins Business Newsmaker of 2009


Jim Balsillie keynote

Jim Balsillie recently won Canada’s 2009 Business Newsmaker of the Year, chosen in an annual survey of editors and broadcasters by The Canadian Press. With his exploits trying to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, as well as being the co-CEO of one of the fastest growing tech firms in North America, Jim is almost always in the headlines.

In 2010, I’m predicting Jim will not only buy an NHL franchise, but he’ll play right wing during their first game in Hamilton and score the winning goal with 15 seconds left in the 3rd. Also, Don Cherry will have to wear lipstick for every subsequent Coach’s Corner, having bet Jim it would never happen.

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RIM offering All You Need is Love as a free download


The Love What You Do campaign by RIM has been incredibly successful. Jim Balsillie, during the Q3 Conference Call for fiscal 2010, talked extensively about how the campaign has done wonders for attracting more non-enterprise subscribers.

If you have ever seen a Love What You Do ad on TV, you have definitely heard the BlackBerry version of “All You Need is Love” by John Lennon of The Beatles. I’m not sure who sings the cover, but it’s more rock than the Lennon version. RIM are offering this song as a free download so be sure to head over and get your free song.

Head over to BlackBerry.com and get your free song.

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RIM Investor Update for Q3 Fiscal 2010



With the fiscal 2010 Q3 earnings conference call happening this Thursday, investors and analysts are getting ready to scrutinize Jim Balsillie’s speech as well as their accounting details. Raymond James analyst Steven Li is expecting both good and bad news. The good: RIM has launched a number of successful devices. The bad: Motorola’s Droid is eating sales at Verizon and low Bold 9700 pricing may be hurting Curve sales. Gus Papageorgiou, a Scotia Capital analyst, is recommending investors to stay in for the 4th as he expects it to be a favorable quarter.

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Co-CEO of RIM Jim Balsillie talks about the year in review



As we approach the end of 2009, it was, to say the least, an interesting year for Research in Motion. The National Post recently wrote an article with some quotes from the co-CEO Jim Balsillie that show he and Mike Lazaridis are pleased with progress and very optimistic moving forward.
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