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Rogers VP John Boynton Confirms BlackBerry PlayBook to Be Sold Early 2011


Rogers VP John Boynton confirmed at TabLifeTO that the carrier will be carrying the WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook with the 3G models coming once they’re available. It should be interesting to see if the PlayBook will come with the rumored pricing and whether the price will differ between Rogers and other potential sellers such as WalMart or Amazon. Also at TabLifeTO, David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects at RIM took some time to demo the PlayBook which looks great every time we see it in action.

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold media launch (video)


John Boynton, chief marketing officer from Rogers and RIM’s Patrick Spence introduced the BlackBerry Bold to press in Toronto today, and they went through a brief spiel about the partnership between the two companies, and how awesome the Bold and/or Rogers is. It’s a rocky launch for the BlackBerry 9000 in Canada, for sure, but Best Buy and Future Shop will both start receiving their stock tomorrow.