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How to fake an incoming call on your BlackBerry


fake my call

Origin8 have released a fun little application for BlackBerry called Fake My Call that does exactly what you think it does. Fake My Call lets you get fake incoming calls to your BlackBerry to help you get out of any awkward social moments.

Features include:

  • Accurate default call and conversation screen for the phone model.
  • Ability to choose your own screen to replace the default one.
  • Full choice of ringtones, vibrations and LEDs, using the Blackberry’s own notification set up.
  • Stealth start up, which when combined with a convenience key can allow you to “receive” a call whilst in a meeting with no-one suspecting a thing.
  • Playback an audio file as the “other caller” to increase the deception, or just to wind up your friends and colleagues.

Purchase Fake My Call for BlackBerry for $2.99.


(Joke) RIM develops BlackBerry 7100 racing car



RIM has decided that the 7100, being a giant cumbersome and outdated device, is best served as a race car. In the spirit of the original 7100, the car is big, heavy and slow. Girls don’t like it and scrap yards won’t pay you for it.

Also, rumor has it that RIM is also making a boat out of the BlackBerry Storm. It doesn’t float.