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BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 25


BBCoolFor the week of April 7th., we talk a good long time with Mark Ruddock and Jay Steele from Viigo about the fabled Project Tango due around WES. It’ll be the first step in a tonne of new features that will be released after the big show, and has us pretty darned excited. We also talk with John Pollard from Jott, who launched a BlackBerry app for their voice service just before CTIA late last month. If that ain’t enough, we also blast through a some fresh device releases and more news from India. Wanna listen? We got you covered three ways from Sunday.


Jott launches BlackBerry app


JottI first heard of Jott when checking out Mentat, and was impressed enough that the new BlackBerry client got me pretty excited. Jott for BlackBerry will let you speak out e-mails which will then be transcribed, allowing you to keep doing business even if your hands are tied. Jott’s still in beta, which means free transcriptions for registered members in North America, and works seamlessly by putting a menu option in your e-mail program to “Reply with Jott”. I’m going to give it a shot right now…