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Kenyans tapped for BlackBerry Developer Challenge


BlackBerry Developer Conference

The BlackBerry Developer Challenge was announced last week, and they really seem to be reaching out to folks all over the world (yes, even you, Australia). Charlene Maina, technical product manager at RIM, was particularly enthusiastic about Kenyan development.

“I have what some may call a na├»ve belief that Kenya is a haven of untapped potential,” Maina said. “Look around at Kenyans making it in the diaspora: I am a firm believer that restrictions of the mind result in restrictions in performance. I am hoping that my belief that a compelling idea can come from Kenya will fuel the right developer to see beyond themselves as a Kenyan developer and more as a developer who the world is demanding a service from.”

Application deadline is September 30th., and the winner will be announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference on October 21st. and 22nd. There are five categories to compete in: most innovative game, most innovative multimedia application, most innovative personal productivity application, most innovative enterprise application and most innovative Web application. While the competition might be BlackBerry-only, the hosting BlackBerry Partners Fund still have $150 million of venture capital available for all platforms.

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BlackBerry hits second Kenyan carrier


KenyaAs predicted, Celtel announced BES support in Kenya today. Once again, EMS partnered up with Celtel to bring BlackBerry service to a new market. (Celtel Kenya’s parent company, MTC, has done some business recently with Fastlink out in Jordan.) Celtel’s seeing Safaricom’s initial two releases of the Pearl and BlackBerry 8700, and raising them a BlackBerry 8800. We’ll keep you posted on how these two compete in the months to come.

BlackBerry action in Africa


KenyaThe BlackBerry 8700 and BlackBerry 8100 will be hitting Kenya June 20th. via Safaricom, much to the shagrin of Celtel, who was looking to bring the service in the near future. Ongoing spats with the Communications Commission of Kenya has resulted in some harsh wireless taxations, which both carriers have been fighting.

“The cost of making mobile calls in Kenya today is the highest in the region and amongst the highest in the world”, observed [David Murray, Celtel CEO]. “Lowering the cost of airtime through reduced taxation would lead to more people being linked to mobile telephony as the cost currently is the biggest barrier to potential subscribers”, he added.

Oh man, Canada hears you, Kenya.