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Comparing Smartphone Keyboards Highlights Bold Advantages and Storm2 Disadvantages


Paul Ockenden of PC Pro put together a test comparing smartphone keyboards. The test was pretty basic, and while we can argue about the accuracy of the results, I think BlackBerry users can agree on the conclusions. The test involved typing the first couple of verses to Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes”, a telephone number, a web URL and a username/password. In each case, the operation was timed and accuracy noted. The results of the tests are shown in the above table.

Each phone was in its default mode, as it would be out of the box. One error is logged for each wrong word in the main text and for each wrong character in the phone number, web address, username and password. In each test, Paul tried to not look at the screen, and type as fast as he could, allowing the phone to correct any errors. Overall, the goal isn’t to type the fastest, but to get an idea for the speed to error ratio.
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Control your PC and media center with your BlackBerry


MobiMouse allows you to turn your BlackBerry into a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard. With support for USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile, there are a variety of ways to connect. With MobiMouse, you can launch and control Windows Media Player, iTunes, PowerPoint, or even a DVR application right from your BlackBerry. You can also assign shortcuts to close an application, open the default Browser, Task Manger, and more.

The installation was a breeze, and didn’t even require a reset on my BlackBerry. Now, you have to make sure that you download the file onto your computer, too, as you have to install a small application on any computer you want to use with MobiMouse. From there, it’s a piece of cake.
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Video of the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm in action


Here is a video we got from CrackBerry. Although the video is a whopping 3 minutes long, it showcases all the features we’ve been looking forward to on the BlackBerry Storm. Something I’m curious about is the landscape keyboard: will it turn for everything? As Doug has mentioned before, I’m an iPhone user and one of the problems I have is that the keyboard will go landscape for Safari, but not SMS. I’ll add this to my giant list of problems with the iPhone. Anyways, this is a BlackBerry site and RIM knows its stuff, so I’m sure they’ve figured it out. Enjoy!

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Lazaridis bashes touchscreens


Finger-touchyFolks were quick to point out the iPhone-esque bezel on the BlackBerry Bold, but RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis was equally quick to condemn those nay-sayers to an infernal pit of shame.

This is three years in the making. So I’m sorry but this wasn’t a response to another device. Either that or we have a time machine somewhere, or some kind of magic crystal ball or something. This was actually designed three years ago and the actual physical design of this product–I have the original models from 2006. … We have to be realistic about the history of [touchscreen] technology. We have to remember that this is not new–this has been done, this has been tried before. And there are other ways to provide a large screen and a Qwerty keyboard without compromising them by putting one on top of the other.

Of course, it might be a little trickier to say the same if the rumoured touchscreen Thunder comes to light, but then again, it does hint that if a touchscreen is in BlackBerry’s future, it won’t be in the way that the iPhone has established. It seems much more likely that a Treo-style keypad/touchscreen combo would happen before an iClone did.

So long as we’re talking about Mikey, there was another interview with the big kahuna at WES regarding his fave BlackBerry apps, which included Viigo, the top RSS reader for your BlackBerry… Pick it up! Cheers, Giz!

RIM makes nice with litigator, uses their predictive text patent


Shake HandsRIM has quietly come to agreeable terms with Eatoni, who were in legal disputes with RIM over a predictive text technology in ambiguous keyboards (read: SureType). The patent in question helps devices chose words to be typed based both on ergonomics and the context of the word. Under the settlement, RIM has backed off on its countersuit against Eatoni, and will now be working with them to implement the technology in future BlackBerrys.