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BlackBerry Kickstart video walkthrough


The unreleased flip BlackBerry Kickstart (aka the BlackBerry 8220) just got a nice video tour, showing off all the things to come this September from T-Mobile (hopefully for around $49): a 2 megapixel camera, WiFi, EDGE (sorry, no 3G), and an external LCD screen.

The big frame is striking, and not necessarily cumbersome according to Kevin – more room for the screen and keys makes for a better experience, on the whole. The notification light is in a new spot beside the camera, which is a surprising departure from the slim LED we’re used to seeing on the top-right of BlackBerrys for quite some time. The external display of incoming messages isn’t really new, but it’s cool to see the function in action. As for the the trackball, the previously mentioned recess makes navigation just a little bit trickier. Although many diehard BlackBerry fans have yet to really appreciate the new form factor, is anyone changing their minds on it yet?

Hardware aside, it looks like the Kickstart will be launching with OS 4.6 (same as the BlackBerry Bold) with about 75 megs of internal memory. New accessibility options make navigating a little bit easier on the eyes with high contrast and large icon modes available. The expanded Alarm app, now Clock, is also working like a charm on both internal and external screens.

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BlackBerry Thunder keypad still needs work


BlackBerry Thunder

There have been reports of haptic feedback on the touchscreened BlackBerry Thunder, but development is still very early and not yet perfected. The unreleased device, rumoured to be available sometime this Winter on Verizon, will offer vibrations and clicks when typing on its virtual keypad, which will change from SureType to QWERTY depending on orientation. While that might be a nice consolation for a real keypad, word has it that the early betas aren’t going so smoothly. Regardless, there’s still a long time to go, and if it’s not ready for the rumoured release date, it will get “delayed” for when the Thunder is ready to roll.

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BlackBerry 9000 shots leaked?


BB9000Take it all with a grain of salt, folks. Someone working around the block from RIM claims to have nabbed this shot of a next-gen BlackBerry. Full QWERTY keypad, so you can forget touchscreen and funky roll-out keypads for now. As for credibility, the keypad looked way too much like a Motorola Q’s at first glance, but if you check out the rear keys, it looks like they’ve got a curved bevel similar to the BlackBerry 8800’s keys. Others on the forums have pointed out the fishy-looking backwards “B” in “Berry”, as well as the possibility of an eBay scam. Regardless, plenty of people have complained about the 8800’s key size, so keeping that indentation but increasing the area seems plausible. The auction also says it has a camera, but you can also shack that one under rumors for now. Previous information says that this thing will be packing some heavier horsepower under the hood, which will probably define the new generation more than form factor changes, and should be landing in early ’08. In any case, at least now we can do away with that mock-up

BlackBerry 9000 specs leaked


9000Oh, Boy Genius. What would we do without you? The 9100 will purportedly be carrying a 480 x 320 screen, a 624MHz processor, 1GB of on-board memory, GPS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera and be running on sweet, sweet 3G HSDPA. Hawt? Yes. You guys who have been clamouring for an all-in-one device? This sounds like it.

At least OS 4.3 will be on there (if not some mysterious new next-gen software), which means video recording and all the other features we’re seeing on recent BlackBerrys will be on the 9100. As for the keypad, you’ve got to wonder where it’s going to go, what with the screen being on par with the iPhone’s resolution. Yeah, there’s a lot of noise about a touchscreen device, but unless RIM has the cajones to say they can do the touchscreen keypad better than Apple, I think a slider format is a much more likely move. If they’re feeling kinky, maybe that roll-out keypad will see the light of day. Camerawise, there’s no upgrade planned, maybe since they stepped down from the Pearl 2’s initial 3.2 megapixels and didn’t want to disappoint again, but there’s still plenty of time for things to change. As for a release date, BG is sticking to his early ’08 forecast, but as ever, that remains in the wonderful and exciting Land of Rumors.

BlackBerry beats iPhone in typing accuracy test


iPhoneNot that we’re biased towards covering this sort of thing, but User Centric has just finished a text messaging test which had iPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung E300 users send multiple messages from their devices. BlackBerry users had the best error rate, sitting at an average 2.1 errors per message followed closely by the number pad texter at 2.4 errors per message. The iPhone, however, suffered a wooping 5.6 errors per message. Youch. Expertise was a non-issue, as the error rate remained steady across all levels of iPhone experience. Speed between iPhone and BlackBerry typing was about on par, but that doesn’t do much to soothe the sting on the virtual keypad faithful.

Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8700g with Arabic language support


Arabic BlackBerry 8700UAE carrier Etisalat recently announced a new BlackBerry 8700 featuring full-blown Arabic language support, primarily through a new keypad which enables new text input, but Arabic web browsing is also supported. Language support is huge in getting RIM access to new markets – hopefully other folks in the Middle East will be seeing this device within their borders soon enough.