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Kik Messenger CEO Donates $1M to Mobile Startup Incubator for Students


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It’s hard enough to secure funding for your business, let alone secure funding as a student. VCs and investors are generally looking for someone with not only a great idea, but someone who also has experience in the industry. This doesn’t bode well for aspiring young entrepreneurs. To combat this, Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, has donated $1M to the University of Waterlook VeloCity Residence, a residence-based startups incubator.

The University of Waterloo will establish a $1M seed fund for student startups and intends to provide “at least 30 student ventures” with $25,000 as well as four months of office space, incorporation services and mentoring over the next few years.
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Kik Files Statement of Defence and Counterclaim Against RIM Lawsuit



After Kik was granted an extension of time by the Courts, the company has filed a statement of defence and counterclaim in its lawsuit with RIM. In the statement, Kik (Ted Livingston), denies having any access to BBM source code or confidential documents and says they’re not infringing on RIM’s trademarks or patents. The fact that Ted was an employee at RIM, working on the BBM team, will make all of this very difficult to prove, especially considering his role as Project Coordinator.
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Miss Kik? Here Are a Few More Cross-Platform Chat Apps for BlackBerry



Now that Kik has been suspended from App World, you might be looking for an alternative cross-platform chat app. Maybe you were never looking for a cross-platform chat app but read the news about Kik and now you’re interested. Either way, there are a few apps out there worth considering.
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More on RIM Shutting Down the Kik Messenger Service



The story of why Kik has been pulled from App World just got more complicated. Today, Kik posted an open letter to Kik users asking RIM to let Kik back in App World. Recently, RIM not only pulled Kik from App World, but they have removed Kik’s access to the BlackBerry Software Development Kit and Signing Keys, so any future development is frozen. So what exactly is going on here? It’s obvious not all the facts are on the table.

Kik doesn’t openly accuse RIM of pulling the application because it directly competes with BBM, but they do say:
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Pinch Multi-Platform Messenger App Coming to BlackBerry


Multi-platform messenger apps are a hit these days as proven by the popularity of Kik. Pinch, a popular messenger app for iPhone, is coming to BlackBerry later this month. Currently, the app is in private beta but the company let us know that they’ll be launching very soon. Benefits of Pinch include:

  • Makes it easy to stay connected and interact with your contacts, without having to switch between applications. With Pinch you can send messages and animated emoticons, explore cities through games and competitions, and find people with an interactive pin-map powered by Google.
  • You can add friends directly from your phone contacts, Facebook, or Twitter and group them by category. Your friends, colleagues, and family can each be kept in their own easy- to-access group.
  • Never spend money on SMS again. Pinch uses your existing data plan to find and interact with friends from all around the world, without using your phone’s SMS function.
  • Pinch’s unique leaderboard adds games and friendly competition for users. Every time you use Pinch to send messages and check locations, accumulate points to win prizes, such as the iPad and other fun giveaways.

More info about Pinch available on their site.

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Why Did RIM Pull Viral Messenger App Kik from App World?



Kik is an instant messaging service much like BlackBerry Messenger, except it’s cross-platform. Downloads for the app have been pretty explosive, with the company reporting having exceeded 2M users due to viral growth. Recently, Kik downloads were suspended and there’s a lot of speculation going around as to why this may have happened.

On Friday, RIM told Kik that no new downloads could be made of the app, citing concerns that it “could not elaborate on at the time.” The app continues to sell on Apple and Android, so why has RIM shut this one down?
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