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Kik Updates with iPhone Support and Improved UI and Battery Usage


Kik let users know that they have updated their IM client (and soon to be music sharing service) to support iPhone, allowing for more cross-platform usage. The app also has an Android version on the way which will make the app even more ubiquitous. Kik for BlackBerry has also been updated with the following:
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BlackBerryCool Untethered Episode 4: Kik, Gym Technik, Chirp and Twitter for BlackBerry


This is the fourth video podcast, and the first episode of BlackBerryCool Untethered (thanks Bla1ze). This week, we talk about some new apps released including Kik, Gym Technik, Belladonna and Tvider. The biggest news this week came from the official Twitter conference Chirp, where we learned some really interesting facts about Twitter for BlackBerry. As with every show, we touch on some BlackBerry vs iPhone stats, allowing Rob’s undying love for the Apple platform shine through.

Here are some of the posts we reference:

Kik Offers Free Messaging with Music Sharing App to Come
Kik Unveiled at BlackBerry DevCon 2009
Gym Technik Partner with WiThings Internet Connected Scale
Follow Friday: BlackBerry News and Opinion from the Twittersphere
Inspirational Quotes App Belladonna Free Until May 16th
Tvider Goes Version 2.0 with More Basic Twitter Functionality

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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of April 12th


This was a slower than usual week on BlackBerryCool but there are still some gems lying around. In apps, we saw some awesome updates from some old favorites such as Gym Technik, Druglord Wars 2, Cortado and Tvider. There are also some newish players to the scene such as Kik, who launched a very nice chat client which will soon come with video support as well. The Pearl 9100 has been making the rounds with a T9 and QWERTY keyboard, which should be great for sales in the European markets. We’ve also seen some interesting news on the wire, including a report that BlackBerry usage is the highest during the weekday compared to iPhone.
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Kik Offers Free Messaging with Music Sharing App to Come


Kik Chat is a great service for anyone that uses a lot of SMS, as Kik allows for free Kik-to-Kik messaging, much like Skype does for calling. The company have some great projects on the way, including a music app which lets you share DRM-free music with your friends. I think it’s safe to assume that Kik Chat and the music app will be fully integrated, making it a cheap and easy way to communicate with your friends.
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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of December 21st


Inverted BlackBerry Cool Zen Background Image

It was a little slow going for the holidays but the big news is centered around the recent outages. There have been far too many in too short a time period and RIM needs to address the issue. Perhaps it’s time RIM invests in more redundancies as it seems far too easy for the network to crash. Other than that, there are a ton of new apps to check out, many of them free.
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Awesome new music app Kik arriving in Canada Jan 2010


[YouTube link]

The BlackBerry Developer Conference this year featured the BlackBerry Final 16, where 16 great apps were chosen as the best in App World. The first presenter was Ted Livingston from Unysnced who rebranded their music service as Kik, an awesome DRM-free MP3 player.

The app gives you 3 free plays of any song, and also lets you send it to a friend to hear as well. If you like the song, you can continue to listen to it after your 3 free plays, in exchange for listening to a brief ad. You can also purchase the song right from your BlackBerry.

Everyone who signed up at Dev Con have been getting notifications that Kik will launch in January for Canadians with the US soon to follow.

Sign up for notifications at the Kik site.

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