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BerryBlow Apps Celebrating 2nd Birthday with 25% Off Sale



The 3rd of December is BerryBlow’s second birthday and to celebrate, they’re running a 25% sale on all their apps. To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “berryblow2y” to buy any of the apps until December 3rd. Happy birthday!

Check out all the BerryBlow Birthday Deals at this link.

Freemium Labyrinth 2 Game Released by BerryBlow Apps



Labyrinth 2 is a new game from BerryBlow Apps that comes in a free and paid version. The game is simple and fun – navigate a steel ball through a maze of traps and find the exit. If you have a BlackBerry with an accelerometer, use can tilt the device to move the ball around. The latest version of Labyrinth features:

  • Levels for beginners
  • 2 types of the field
  • Over 80 new levels (quiz, maze, speed levels)
  • New elements: buttons, lasers, gates and magnets
  • New game effects

Check out the free version here.

The full paid version of Labyrinth 2 is available here.

Labyrinth Game Updated to Version 1.4.1 with BlackBerry Torch Support



Labyrinth is a classic wooden labyrinth game that involves steering a steel ball to the finish hole. This game is ideal for the BlackBerry Storm and Torch because it uses the accelerometer to control the ball and reach the exit. There are hazards such as blocks, holes and portals so make sure to keep a steady grip. Recently, the game has been updated to version 1.4.1 and includes Torch support.

Check out Labyrinth for your Storm or Torch.

Also, feel free to try Labyrinth Lite for free!