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S4BB Launches Magazine Line on BlackBerry Playbook


S4BB Limited has launched a new line of subscription-based magazine for BlackBerry PlayBook. The series consists of 24 different magazines, varying from sports to animals, psychology or food & cooking.
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Learn a Language With Hello-Hello Spanish for BlackBerry Playbook


Hello-Hello LLC is an innovative mobile language-learning company that combines language learning with social networking, allowing users to connect with native speakers around the world. Their premium tablet app will have you wondering how you ever learned a language from a tape or CD.
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Free Italian Language Learning App LearnItalian From S4BB


S4BB have released a free app to help you learn Italian. The app has more than 400 self-contained audio lessons to pick from. Choose the lessons that suit your level and interests to build on your knowledge of Italian and your growing confidence with the language. All of the audio lessons are easy to understand, and since it’s mobile, you can study whenever it’s convenient.

Check out S4BB’s free LearnItalian app.

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RIM announces BlackBerry 8820


BlackBerry 8820Hot off the presses, we’ve got news that the BlackBerry 8820 is en route, packing delicious Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b and g will all be supported, as documented in the FCC patent last week, and not only for data. Generic Access Networking (a.k.a. UMA) will allow for seamless dual-mode calling while in a Wi-Fi hotspot. Although that’s the big feature, besides which the device is largely an 8800, the new BlackBerry will also also be bringing a few other goodies. For one, it will support microSDHC memory cards, meaning up to 32GB of storage capacity. We looked at the 8 GB cards that are in the works from Samsung not too long ago. No 3G just yet, still quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE. GPS is in there too, and RIM also points out AZERTY and QWERTZ keypad availability, pointing to an early launch in both France and Germany. In fact, RIM’s handset index lists France as the only European country confirmed to carry the 8820 so far.

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NTT DoCoMo bringing language support to BlackBerry 8707


JapanThe Japanese language support we mentioned last month has come to fruition, with BlackBerry software updates happening next monday. Not only are menus going to be in Japanese, but input support is also on the way. Anyone on a BES will also get an update to facilitate the new features, along with the desktop manager. With that out of the way, maybe BlackBerrys can make some headway into Japan beyond visiting businesspeople.

BlackBerry gets green light for China


ChinaAfter eight years of paperwork, BlackBerry has finally gotten the go-ahead to launch in China. There’s already 5,000 preorders for the BlackBerry 8700 that’s planned to drop before the end of the month on China Mobile. The price point is an issue for the Chinese, who might be used to paying a hell of a lot less for mobile services than we are. As for language, hopefully RIM will be able build off established support strategies, and not tool around with the issue like they did in Japan.