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BlackBerry Curve 8350i coming to Latin American via NII


BlackBerry Curve 8350iGreat news for iDEN BlackBerry users not on the Sprint network. RIM and NII Holdings jointly announced the impending release of the BlackBerry Curve 8350i in Latin America during Q1 of 2009. the iDEN BlackBerry will see release in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

For those not in the know, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i is the first iDEN BlackBerry since the old 7100i, and features push-to-talk capability as well as Wi-Fi. There are about 10 million North and South American iDEN subscribers eager to get their hands on this device. You can read the full press release after the jump.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i coming to Latin America

BlackBerry 8120 lands in Chile


ChileJoining the Carphone Warehouse today, is Movistar with their announced BlackBerry 8120. The Wi-Fi Pearl is sporting titanium and blue colour schemes, running for about $285.900. Movistar has plans to be bumping this sucker out to other countries in the area. Speaking of which, I wonder how the 8310 has been spreading down there…? We have any South American readers who can let us know how it’s doing?

GSM captures 62% of market share


AntennaeAccording to a study by 3G Americas, GSM market share has grown 9% in the last year, totalling up to 62% of the market. In Latin America and the Caribbean alone, that penetration hit a wooping 78%. CDMA, on the other hand, has dropped in subscribers by 2.5% to 193 million subscribers. The report also notes the broad strokes of this year in GSM worldwide:

400 UMTS/HSDPA devices launched by manufacturers.
193 UMTS networks commercial; additional 71 networks planned or in deployment.
152 commercial deployments of HSDPA in 67 countries.
148 joint EDGE/UMTS networks; 244 commercial EDGE networks in 128 countries.
17 HSUPA networks now commercial, with many more expected in 2008.


Garmin to launch Brazilian mapping for BlackBerry


BrazilLast week at Futurecom, TIM Brazil and Garmin announced that they’ll be launching a mapping solution for the BlackBerry 8800 and their newly-released BlackBerry 8310 before the year is out, covering over 70 cities across the country. Garmin is a top-shelf name in GPS, and there’s no doubt that they’ll pump out some solid software for our readers down south.

Brazil gets the BlackBerry 8310


BrazilIt was announced today that Claro, TIM and Vivo will be offering the BlackBerry 8310 to Brazilians immediately, and widespread release through Latin America will be happening come November. The BlackBerry 8310 is packing the Curve’s form-factor and standard features (3.5mm headphone jack, trackball, camera, microSD slot) plus GPS capability. No word on price, but if anyone knows Portugese and can dig up a number from the carriers’ sites, we’d be much obliged.

BlackBerry 8300 launches in Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago


Gold StarLatin America’s getting a bit of BlackBerry love today, what with the BlackBerry 8300 launch by Telcel in Mexico and Digicel in Trinidad and Tobago. Digicel’s Curve is going for $3899 TTD, or $620 US, and Telcel’s for … man, my Spanish is rusty. No luck finding the price on Telcel’s site. Any speakers out there who can get a lock down on the BlackBerry 8300’s price in Mexico gets a gold star. Although the BlackBerry 8300 is just coming out now in Mexcio, some sneaky forum members have been able to get one across the border and activated A-O-K before official release.