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BlackBerry PlayBook Rumored to Launch April 10th



Rumor has it that the PlayBook will become available in retail outlets on April 10th. Also, the QNX OS will go gold on March 31st, and when you take the device out of the box and first boot it up, you’ll be prompted to upgrade the OS. The 10 days isn’t much to make sure developers have a stable app on the PlayBook, but if you can test and update in App World right away, you should be good.
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AT&T product sheet says November ETA for BlackBerry Bold


AT&T BlackBerry launch dates

Oh no! We’ve been having our fun here at BlackBerry Cool pointing out AT&T’s BlackBerry Bold launch problems while playing with our Rogers Bold, but you’re heart has to go out to AT&T subscribers. The Boy Genius has published an AT&T product sheet dated September 17th that puts the ETA for the BlackBerry Bold release sometime in November. Despite this, BG remains confident in his October 2nd launch date, but I have to wonder why he’s as hopeful as Jim Balsillie about the earlier launch time.

There is some positive BlackBerry news for AT&T subscribers, however. The Sapphire Blue BlackBerry 8320 is set to arrive October 21st, with an Oyster Pink BlackBerry Pearl coming October 2nd. A Burnt Orange BlackBerry Curve model has been pushed to 2009, sadly.

Question of the day, folks: are you now more interested in the BlackBerry Storm, which has a similar launch timeline, or are you still Bold people? Post a comment and let us know.

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Expansys offers BlackBerry Thunder for preorder for split-second


BlackBerry Thunder

Can’t wait to get your hands on the touchscreen BlackBerry? Well, it may be here sooner than you think, since Expansys is now offering the BlackBerry 9500 on preorder. No word on pricing, but we do get a feature list. Any surprises? For one, miniUSB, not the microUSB that the BlackBerry Javelin seems to be carrying. The format may just be a one-off in order to save room, rather than a new standard for all BlackBerrys. It looks like Wi-Fi is only available in 802.11g, no a or b, so older flavours will be left in the dark. There’s also no mention of a camera, for anyone wondering. The rest of the info is pretty much old hat: it’ll be launching with OS 4.7, quad-band GSM plus 3G of the HSDPA variety and Bluetooth 2.0. Bottom line is if this is up for preorder now, it seems likely that the launch date will be before the end of August, as told by Verizon’s visual voicemail roadmap.

UPDATE: Looks like the pre-order has been pulled. Jumped the gun a little bit, eh, Expansys? No worries, we got a screen capture behind the jump just to prove it happened.

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