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Layoffs at RIM? Great, Fresh Blood is Good


The newswire is abuzz about recent firings or layoffs at RIM and generally giving the tired same response of “another nail in the coffin for RIM.” The truth of the matter is that it’s probably not that people considering the giant size of RIM globally, and in the end it’s for the best. Fresh blood will bring fresh ideas to the company and challenge the status quo. Rather than see this as the demise of the company, it should be seen as a positive move for the company to cycle out some underperforming fodder for some real innovative staff.

Generally, the company has lost its evangelists. Every single news source loves to put a negative spin on the news. For example: RIM is supporting other smartphone platforms on BES. Rather than understand that companies on BES are seeing a smattering of other devices on the network and a few iPhones isn’t a corporate takeover, media likes to say it’s the end of RIM. Hopefully these layoffs are happening in the marketing department because they’re clearly not doing a good job of convincing the tech writers and bloggers of the world.

The media is a real herd mentality these days. Maybe it always was.

UPDATE: Again, the media just keep repeating the same line over and over. When the VP of Digital Marketing, Brian Wallace, announced he was leaving for Samsung, somehow this got translated into bad news for RIM. The real story is that Brian Wallace has been working at RIM for 11 years. Any company that’s going to transform for a fast-paced and changing market should be happy if 11 year old employees are leaving. It will make room for new blood that can invigorate the company.

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Palm set for layoffs amidst declining enterprise sales


Palm employs around 1,050 people in its organization but that number is soon to be smaller. The company is experiencing a serious decline in enterprise sales which could be the reason for the layoffs. Reuters explains:

According to data released Thursday by ChangeWave, only 5 percent of companies plan to buy a Palm smartphone in the next quarter, half the figure from a year ago. By contrast, 78 percent of corporations planned to buy a RIM device and 22 percent an iPhone.

So for all the problems that Palm is experiencing, RIM seems safe from all the economic woes discussed.