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The Economic Implications of Making Cell Phone Unlocking Illegal


The Librarian of Congress, though the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) has decided that unauthorized unlocking of cellphones would be illegal and provided a 90-day window for compliance. The window closes tomorrow and with that, we’re curious about the implications for not only consumers, but the unlocking industry. There’s potentially thousands of jobs that are affected by an attempt on the part of the government to shut down the unlocking industry. Is this legislation good for the economy in the long run? We reached out to our friends at unlockcodes.com to get their reaction. Read on for more.
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New Canadian surveillance legislation is obsolete for BlackBerry users



New Canadian legislation is forcing Internet service providers to make it possible for police and intelligence officers to intercept online communications and get personal information about subscribers, in a “timely” manner without a warrant. This personal information includes names, address and internet addresses.

The bill will allow law enforcement officials to obtain transmission data that is sent or received via telephone and require telecommunications companies to keep data related to specific communications or subscribers if that information is needed in an investigation and requested via a preservation order.

While it is important for police and government officials to prevent the spread of illegal materials such as child pornography and arrest those involved in serious illegal activities, one must wonder how technically viable this bill actually is.

Regardless of whether the carrier allows the interception of voice and data coming from your BlackBerry, your device can be very easily encrypted, making it impossible to listen in. One such product that will do this, is G&D’s mobile security card. With this security card you can save data and have it encrypted in case of theft. The card also provides you with secure email, device protection and even voice encryption. With companies such as G&D, this legislation is quickly rendered obsolete.