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Looking for a BlackBerry Storm through LetsTalk? Let’s Not.


Our main man Troy over at BlackBerryNews posted about a sweet deal at LetsTalk.com for BlackBerry Storm chasers on Friday. LetsTalk was offering the BlackBerry Storm for $99 after mail-in rebate.

I was hoping to point you there today after posting that Verizon’s own online store has postponed BlackBerry Storm shipping until December 15th, but it looks like the deal has soured. Although their webpage states that the discounted Storm offer should run until today, a quick scan of the page shows that their new price after rebate is $249. Devices are also no longer in stock, although it appears LetsTalk will be receiving shipments sooner than Verizon (?), with December 2nd posted as the availability date.

If anyone knows of a good online site to purchase a BlackBerry Storm, post about it in the comments.