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All BlackBerry Ads Should Be Made in South Korea


The latest BlackBerry Torch ad has aired in Korea and it reminds us of a lot of the other smartphone ads in Korea. The ads have a certain look to them with something we just can’t put our finger on. Can you figure out what all these smartphone ads have in common? Why don’t ours seem this good? We can’t figure it out…
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IDC Q4 2010 Smartphone Analysis Shows Huge Mobile Growth



IDC released its Q4 2010 world smartphone market analysis and it shows some impressive growth for not only the mobile market, but for smartphones in general. Recently, we talked about BlackBerry in South Korea, and according to IDC, Korea had the biggest smartphone appetite in Asia this quarter accounting two-thirds of phones shipped in 4Q10, up from one-eighth a year ago. In Western Europe, the BlackBerry 8520 was among the region’s top sellers and contributed to the overall market’s growth.

The United States saw vendors like RIM and Apple maintain a healthy lead and in Canada, Android, Apple and RIM prevailed. Again, it’s all about smartphone growth and users are aggressively turning in their feature phones for smartphones. In Latin America, Nokia, RIM, and Samsung had strong smartphone sales, as well as relative newcomer Huawei.
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RIM captures 10% slice of American market pie


Pie Strategy Analytics (hey, we know those guys!) recently published a report saying RIM has captured a solid 10% of American cellular sales in the last quarter. A total of 41.9 million handsets were shipped, which is up 5.3 percent from last year, making it an expanding market that’s getting harder to fill. Motorola still maintains lead position, with LG, Nokia and Samsung hot on their heels. Those are a lot of competitors to chew through, but RIM’s continued upward trend could earn them an even bigger slice of the pie over time, especially if Motorola’s new boss can’t turn things around and Nokia fails to provide a solid alternative to BlackBerry Connect. LG remains the number two dog right now, and with the likes of the Keybo floating around, it’s easy to see them as a potential BlackBerry competitor.

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Alltel launching red BlackBerry 8130


Alltel 8130A facelifted CDMA Pearl will be available on Alltel this quarter, alongside the LG Scoop and Samsung Muse. The original blue-grey one launched over the holidays, and I guess this red one’s just in time for the coming onslaught of Valentined-up handsets. For info on preorders, head on over to www.alltel.com/style.

RIM sues over LG Black Label


BlackBerry vs. ChocolateRIM is bringing the hammer down on LG’s Black Label, consisting of their Chocolate series of phones, due to supposed trademark violation. Their pitch is that the similar names could confuse customers into unwittingly buying the wrong device. A similar situation arose from the Blackjack in February, which ended peaceably, so there’s no reason to think that this won’t as well. Still, does that look like a BlackBerry to you? If it was another smartphone with a full QWERTY keypad that was called Black-something, I could see RIM getting uppitty, but it’s hard to sympathize for customer who confuses a Chocolate for a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry second to iPhone customer satisfaction


Second PlaceWe just took a look at a recent survey from ChangeWave, which puts customers highly satisfied with the iPhone at a whooping 82%. RIM sits at 51% of very satisfied customers, with Sanyo and LG following close behind at 46% and 41% respectively. 16% of those surveyed who didn’t already have one, said they were planning to by an iPhone, which is the highest projected purchase rate out of all the manufacturers listed. It’s nice to say that RIM’s second only to Apple, but let’s face it, that’s a pretty big 31% gap that BlackBerry has to fill. What would it take for you guys to tick off the “Very Satisfied” box on a survey about your BlackBerry?