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Watch My BAC for BlackBerry Playbook Calculates Your Blood Alcohol


Just in time for the weekend is an app for BlackBerry Playbook by Chris Maxwell called Watch My BAC. I’m not sure if you’ve ever calculated you and your friends’ BAC while drinking but it basically turns the whole thing into a really fun game.
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Deal of the Day: EasyBartender



EasyBartender is a drink database lifestyle app from Adorno Software. Want to create a party your friends will never forget? Or suggest a club bartender your favorite drink? EasyBartender is what you need! A list of more then 5500 alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktail recipes sorted in a custom way in your BlackBerry, full description with ingredients, preparing method, way of garnishing, and an image of a glass type to serve.

Use the trackball, Menu button, keyboard or touch screen to navigate within the app. You can search your desired cocktail for this evening by name, alcoholic, nonalcoholic, glass type and preparing method. Learn how to prepare your cocktail, use the right glass to serve and garnish well to amaze all your friends. See the image of the cocktail you are preparing.

Totally new – My Bar functionality – choose from the list what you have in your own bar and see what you can prepare from that. You will surprise everyone with your skills!


  • more 5500 cocktail recipes to explore
  • Easy search by name, alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks, by glass type and preparing method
  • Detailed cocktail description: components, preparing, garnishing, serving
  • My Bar functionality: see what you can do with the drinks in your bar
  • Fully mobile application, no Internet or other connection required

Buy EasyBartender on sale today for $3.99, that’s 50% off!

Buzzd surveys mobile users about etiquette and sex lives



Over 1,000 buzzd users were surveyed about mobile etiquette in a night club/bar, and the majority said that there was no etiquette whatsoever. While this isn’t breaking news, the survey asks some pretty funny questions and it’s worth reading.

A funny statistic that came from the study shows that 60% of users admitted to drunk dialing and 68% drunk texting. The survey isn’t your standard mobile industry research paper either, it gets really saucy. For example, the study goes on to ask users about their sex lives given the economic downturn.

The survey comes with the announcement of Buzz 1.2 which is now available in App World. New features include:

  • The ability to add their own venues—one of the most requested features from the buzzd community
  • Refine searches by category (e.g. restaurants only or bars & clubs only)
  • Upload profile photos
  • General speed enhancements all around and UI improvements

Click through for the full press release and survey results

BlackBerry Cool mentioned in reputable paper


blackberry mom

From time to time, people from outside of the BlackBerry Nation like to peer into our world to figure out exactly why we spend so much time using our thumbs. To help them along the way, we’re often interviewed to provide our (ahem) expert analysis and opinion. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the San Antonio Express-News for an article entitled ‘Smartphones place the Internet in more hands‘. Because I’m an ego-maniac, I’ve decided to quote myself here:

“We’re in a world where a lot of people don’t work 9-to-5 in offices,” he says. “They go to meetings. They are at job sites, or at clients’ offices. Not everyone commutes to an office and sits at a desk. You need to be able to work from wherever you are now.”

“For the majority of people,” he says, “to access a few Web sites, check e-mails, read news, use a document, maybe watch some videos, is all they need. And the ability to have that in the palm of your hand, wherever you go, is huge.”

All joking aside, it’s an interesting article that investigates how something as simple as a smartphone can shift one’s lifestyle to focus on where they are, not where they need to be. Check it out.

(via MySA)