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The LinkedIn Eye Test: Is LinkedIn Becoming Like Facebook?


LinkedIn Eye Test

This is just a random thought, but has your LinkedIn stream started to look increasingly like Facebook? It seems that as the social network becomes more mainstream, more people are posting pictures, personal status updates and sometimes straight up spam. Take for example the above Eye Test that has been circulating LinkedIn. It has about 1,200 Likes and 15,000 comments. Do people actually think this has some meaning with regards to your career? As though seeing the word “TEAM” means you’re good at working in teams or something. It will be interesting to see if LinkedIn starts to crack down on this stuff or it’s just inevitable when a social network gets to a certain size. God help us if Quiz apps and Celeb Trivia ever comes to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 Updated with Improved Search and New Content


LinkedIn is a decent app and its been needing an update for some time. Recently, the app has been updated with improved search and new content in the homescreen, as well as it’s now BBM connected. Read on for more details.
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RIM Tops 25 Million Social Media Followers of BlackBerry


The BlackBerry brand has been gaining popularity among their users through social media. Today the official count is 27.1 million fans and followers of the Inside BlackBerry blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I am a follower of BlackBerry through these channels and I find them to be a good source of BlackBerry tips and tricks.
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Free News Reader App Taptu Lets You Create News Streams From RSS, Twitter, Facebook and More [PlayBook]


The PlayBook is an awesome piece of hardware and one of the funnest things to do with your PlayBook, aside from playing some of the recently launched premium games, is to read. The PlayBook is novel size, making it a great reading device for news as well as eBooks. Recently launched in App World is Taptu, a news reader with a cool twist. The app brings together news from a wide variety of sources including RSS, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Even better, the app lest you create your own news streams with a combination of sources, allowing you to “DJ your news”. And best of all, it’s free.
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LinkedIn’s Touch Optimized Mobile Website is the Company’s Future


It has been a long time since LinkedIn announced anything for BlackBerry. Considering RIM’s client base in enterprise, you would think BlackBerry would be a priority. The last time we wrote about an update to the LinkedIn app for BlackBerry, was when it supported OS 6 over a year ago.
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Spotted on LinkedIn: Apple Snagging RIM Enterprise Sales Staff



Should companies allow their employees to use LinkedIn? By allowing your employees to use LinkedIn, you are allowing them to advertise themselves to other companies for employment, and leaving a point of contact so they can receive an offer. On the other hand, social is here to stay and you should be confident enough in your company to keep employees from being poached.

Today’s news that RIM is losing enterprise sales staff to Apple, as seen on LinkedIn, really seems to drive home the fact that a more open and social ecosystem leaves your employees open for poaching. According to the news from the WSJ, it looks like RIM has lost a number of sales staff over the past 1.5 years, including 5 recently.

These sales execs will surely have their work cut out for them. Who would want a job selling a device that is only a touchscreen to enterprise? That’s like trying to sell coffee with only an espresso available.