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Open Mobile Summit San Francisco 2010: More on RIM’s Valley Presence


open mobile summit 2010

This past week in San Francisco I had the pleasure to attend the Open Mobile Summit held at the Marriott Marquis. This year marked the largest Open Mobile Summit with over 650 attendees from across the mobile industry. Google, Verizon, Sprint, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Samsung, Motorola, and RIM were among the speakers and panelists discussing all things mobile.

Topics that dominated discussion included 4G, mobile advertising, tablets, applications, and monetization strategies. In an effort to show some Silicon Valley presence RIM’s Tyler Lessard, VP Developer Relations and Global Alliances, attended the summit and spoke to the crowd about the virtues of BlackBerry and where it’s going. Lessard spoke about the new tablet and how it will come “enterprise ready” so that existing RIM enterprise clients will be able to immediately adopt the solutions into their businesses.
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What Apps Are Going to Perform Well on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is due to arrive in Q1 of 2011 and a lot of developers are plugging away at the SDK and thinking about what apps they’re going to build. At the BlackBerry Developer Group meeting here in Ottawa, Canada last night, we got a demonstration of the SDK by Anthony Rizk, founder of Zeebu Mobile and author of Beginning BlackBerry. The SDK looks incredibly simple and if your application is very graphics heavy (as is the case with BabyGO!), then porting your app to the PlayBook looks like a breeze. According to Anthony, writing the BabyGO! app for BlackBerry took about 2 weeks of development time, compared to about 4 hours for the PlayBook. Also, this 4 hours includes learning how to use the Flash tools which he had never used before.

But will BabyGO! be the type of app that users will be looking for when the PlayBook launches? Consider this: the PlayBook is launching after Christmas when most consumers who are interested in a tablet will have already purchased one. Those who are going to pick up a tablet will most likely be in enterprise, since it’s BES ready and a lot of employees who were normally locked out of the tablet market due to IT policies, will be able to bring their PlayBook on the network and start playing. A lot of these devices will still be locked down and in some organizations they may not be able to use any apps at all. There will also be a huge segment of users who don’t care about the iPad and are waiting for a PlayBook because they know their gadgets and they’re confident they’re buying a superior product.
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Xobni for BlackBerry Updated with Xobni Email Signatures and More



Xobni is one of those great apps we write about on a regular basis. For someone with a lot of contacts on their device, this app makes discovering and contacting the right person a breeze. Xobni (inbox backwards) is well known for its popular Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to manage your email and contacts, as well as discover more about those you work with. Xobni for BlackBerry is a great way to find contacts on your device as the app sorts them based on frequency of communication and gives you one click access for getting in touch with these contacts.

The latest Xobni update has the following new features:

  • A user can now use the convenience keys for launching the Xobni compose screen (in options)
  • A user can choose to add a Xobni signature to outgoing emails
  • Updated LinkedIn Login process
  • New menu item labeled “Activate” allows a user to activate manually after purchasing a license

Hit the jump for the full change log.
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Xobni for BlackBerry Now Available in App World


xobni for blackberry with linkedin integration

When we last wrote about Xobni back in July, they were working on a beta with LinkedIn integration. Now that they’re done running betas, the app is available to all via App World. We’ve been talking about Xobni for some time now on BBCool and it’s interesting to see that only now are they available on App World. This app has been in the oven for a long time and it’s a must-have for anyone with a lot of contacts on their BlackBerry. Features include:

  • Automatically created profiles for every person with whom you’ve ever communicated.
  • Ranked by importance – The people you email the most are at the top.
  • Lightning fast search by name or company name exposes each person’s profile. Complete with photos, contact info, recent emails, calls, texts, info from LinkedIn/Facebook and more.
  • Instant access to all your Xobni Contacts in the BlackBerry® compose screen.

Along with Xobni for BlackBerry, users can also download Xobni One. Xobni One connects your Xobni for BlackBerry and Xobni for Outlook to make for a complete contact management solution.

Check out Xobni for BlackBerry in App World.

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LinkedIn for BlackBerry Updated to 1.2 with Performance and Bug Fixes



When we last wrote about the LinkedIn app it was updated to version 1.1 with support for the Storm, Pearl and more than 21 devices running OS 4.3 or later. Now the app has been updated to version 1.2 which according to LinkedIn focuses on “performance, battery life and resolving several issues our users were seeing with downloading connections.” The company has also made changes to how contacts are merged with the Address Book app, and other changes that should significantly reduce the battery life issues some users have reported.

While performance and bug issues are good, it would be cool to see a new feature or two. It would be awesome to see LinkedIn add the ability to scan a business card directly to your LinkedIn contacts.

Download the latest version of LinkedIn from App World.

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