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LinkedIn App Updated to Version 1.1 with Storm and Pearl Support


The LinkedIn app for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.1 and the major updates include support for the Storm, Pearl and more than 21 devices running OS 4.3 or later. The app is also now localized for Brazil and Itality, which may be hot spots for the social network.
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LinkedIn for BlackBerry Review: What to Expect From Version 1.0


LinkedIn for BlackBerry is a much anticipated app, especially given the BlackBerry and LinkedIn demographics are similar. While the app has been available on the iPhone for around 2 years, the BlackBerry launch was significantly delayed. In speaking with Adam Nash, VP of Search and Platform Products at LinkedIn, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for the delay, or at least one they felt comfortable sharing. Their explanation for the gap between launches amounted to “it was important to find the right time to build for BlackBerry.” In my opinion, the right time was 2 years ago, but it’s literally none of my business.

When LinkedIn for BlackBerry launched, there were a lot of users who had problems getting the app to launch. It’s not always clear why these things happen, as a number of issues arise when you’re dealing with different device models, OS builds, carrier networks and BES vs BIS setups. I think everyone needs to take a little blame when it comes to bugs on launch. RIM have built an app environment that lends itself to app issues, given so many combinations of device setups, and the company could have been beta testing enough to fully cover the 3 devices (Tour, Bold, Curve) they support.
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Episode 2: What’s Cool in BlackBerry with BlackBerryCool


This is the next edition of What’s Cool in BlackBerry with BlackBerryCool: a short discussion with Rob Woodbridge and myself about what’s new this week in BlackBerry. This week, we talk about the launch of LinkedIn for BlackBerry, as well as the launch of the new BlackBerryCool SuperStore. Overall, the conversation is focused on the need for app stores, and what a good strategy is for BlackBerry app developers, given the large number of sales and distribution channels.

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RIM Announce Official Twitter and LinkedIn Apps Almost Here


In the latest BlackBerry Connection Newsletter, RIM mentioned that the official Twitter app and LinkedIn app are “almost here”. The newsletter doesn’t mention any specific release dates, but if they’re talking about it now, I’m hoping within a month is a reasonable definition of “soon”. Also of significance, is the fact that RIM is calling their official Twitter app a “business app”.
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WorldMate Adds LinkedIn Functionality With New Version



WorldMate is a great app we’ve written about before on BlackBerryCool. The app helps make travel easier by integrating your travel itenerary into your BlackBerry, and providing some additional helpful features around that itinerary.

In the latest update, WorldMate have added the ability to connect with your LinkedIn network, and share your travel and meeting itineraries. Users are also able to browse for nearby LinkedIn Connections, as well as get notified when LinkedIn Connections are in town upon arrival.

Grab a copy of the new WorldMate and LinkedIn app.

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