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Xobni for BlackBerry Confirmed End of February 2010



Xobni’s Manager of Support, confirmed over LinkedIn that Xobni for BlackBerry will be released “towards the end of February.” Our good friend Brett made sure to screengrab the statement and throw it up on his Posterous blog, so we’ll be holding Xobni to that time frame. A month feels like a long time but I guess it’s not so bad considering this is such a cool app.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of January 11th


This was an interesting week for BlackBerry news. There was a ton of news I would file under WTF, including a BlackBerry getting God’s blessing, and the 9500 ending up in the Royal Collection. Of course the best news comes from Nan Palmero, BlackBerry Cool’s CES 2010 correspondent. He got some awesome footage of Xobni and LinkedIn for BlackBerry.
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LinkedIn for BlackBerry – CES 2010


With BlackBerry being historically such a business device, it’s only fitting that there be a proper LinkedIn application – the social network defined specifically for business. With the upcoming LinkedIn app you’ll be able to review profiles before a meeting, integrate LinkedIn contacts into your BlackBerry contacts and know when you’re receiving LinkedIn messages via a hip new icon. Hit up the video for more details.


Xobni preview BlackBerry app which is soon to be available



Here at the BlackBerry Developer Conference we got a sneak peek at the upcoming Xobni app for BlackBerry. The app features a ubiquitous search bar that is seamlessly integrated into your mail, contacts and social networks. The app gives you a great deal of data about each contact including basic contact information as well as updates from that contact’s social networks. The app will also show you possible connections from within these networks.

One of the most impressions features is the way Xobni organizes your contacts across all your email services. The Xobni demo showed how easy it is to take a common name, for which there could be tens of entries, and efficiently move between the Xobni app and your email. Also, for those names which could have multiple entries, Xobni uses a ranking system that means your most interacted with contacts are at the top.

Xobni isn’t currently available but it looks like they are very close to a launch. Stay tuned because this app looks great.

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BlackBerry Cool social media roundup


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