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Organize your groceries, recipes and ingredients with BlackBerry


Here is how shopping goes in my house: my wife asks me what I want for dinner during the week, she then takes that and creates a list, then she digs for coupons, then she starts adding stuff we don’t need to the list based on the plethora of “great deals” she found while going through coupons, then she prints this list and we head out to the store only to find at the end of the trip that we’re a hundred dollars over budget, which leads to her trying to convince me why we can’t afford the data plan on my phone the whole way home.

I saw the feature list for Appetite by SimpleLeap Software LLC and did a little “woohoo!” inside. Appetite is a recipe/shopping manager that is so feature rich for its extremely humble price tag, that I’m going to jump right to the feature list.
Click through to read the incredible number of features that come with Appetite for BlackBerry