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LittleBrother Location Tracking Solution by Emacberry Updated



LittleBrother is a lightweight application by emacberry that lets you inform friends and family about your location. The app is very helpful in letting people know when you’re about to arrive at their home, so you can avoid embarrassing moments. The app has a long list of updates so hit the jump for the full list.
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Emacberry.com App Updates: LittleBrother, GPSiesConnect and Iconify


Emacberry let us know that new versions of LittleBrother (v0.5.0.5), GPSiesConnect (v0.9) and Iconify (v1.4.8) have been released. Also, FileScout v2.1.1 is currently on sale until the end of October so if you’re looking to purchase, now might be a good time. Check out the full change logs after the jump.
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LittleBrother – The Zero Power Consumption Tracking Solution


LittleBrother is a new app by the same developer of FileScout. The app is a way to automatically inform friends and family members when you have arrived at a predefined location. The major advantage to this application is that it runs with virtually zero power consumption.

LittleBrother features include:

  • Automatically send email and/or SMS notification when the device is leaving a certain area.
  • Automatically send email and/or SMS notification when the device is returning into a certain area.
  • See an overview map of the last 25 cell towers you have been connected to.
  • Export the local cell tower Database (locations) to a KML-File and send it via email. This can be used with Google Earth to get an overview of all the cell towers you have recorded so far.

Using the cell towers to get your position has some advantages and disadvantages. By using the cell tower, you are getting an inaccurate reading of your position, but you are also saving a lot of power. The GPS on your BlackBerry consumes a lot of battery life, and since this app is mainly concerned with regions, the cell tower is sufficient.

LittleBrother has a lot of potential use cases such as tracking loved ones, determining if your device was stolen, as well as some fun geo-adventuring with Google Earth.

Download LittleBrother Beta OTA at emacberry.com/ota/lbrother.jad.

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