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RIM to enable wireless media sharing


ShockedI just had a great talk with Karl from BrokeIt, and man, has he got some dirt. Contained in documentation for the new Desktop Media Manager:

“Sharing pictures across the internet – The Media LiveShare feature allows you to use the Internet to share pictures with others outside of your home network. Your friends can view and download your pictures on their computers, Internet enabled phones, or Blackberry smartphones. Choose the album you want to share and then invite your friends to view it. Your friends receive an e-mail message with small thumbnail-sized pictures of a few of the shared files, plus a link to a LiveShare folder on your computer. When they click the link, they view a web page containing thumbnails of all the shared files. They can view the pictures or download them to their computers or Blackberry smartphones.”

Reminiscent of the .Mac Web Gallery, eh? Some of the other new juicy features which Karl and I talk about in the BlackBerryCool Podcast Episode 7, airing this Monday, confirm earlier reports regarding RIM’s plans for wireless multimedia and file transfer. Stay tuned!