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Free GPS app for BlackBerry LiveTracker supports Twitter



LiveTracker, a free GPS app for BlackBerry which is still in Beta, now supports Twitter. Users can share their GPS location with their Twitter friends, a function that is available already with many Twitter clients. This would be great for someone who is just looking to share their location, without any other information.

Download LiveTracker Beta #3 with Twitter support.

Features of LiveTracker:

* Free: No registration, no hidden fees for personal use.
* Background Tracking: GPS location data is sent in background 24/7.
* Easy Sharing: Send tracking links via EMail, PIN, SMS, MMS.
* Live Web Tracking: View location on the web on maps.
* Live Desktop Tracking: 3D world tracking.

Free GPS tracking app for BlackBerry LiveTracker updated



LiveTracker Beta is a free GPS tracking app and it has recently been updated to internal version number: 0.1.6. This versions solves some minor issues of the previous beta but has no functionality changes.

Download your FREE copy of LiveTracker Beta.

After you installed the application, just start LiveTracker and it will start searching for GPS location fixes. There is also a “share location” option in the program’s menu where you can share your current location with your friends.

The makers of LiveTracker, SkyLab Mobile Systems, also offer a free maps program called TopoExplorer.