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Developers – How Will You Leverage Analytics for Your BlackBerry 10 Games and Apps?


One of the most critical elements of creating a great app or game is the ability to analyse what your users are doing, and be able to respond and iterate accordingly. Are a lot of users getting stuck with a particular UI element? Time to recode it and make it easier. Are your players finding a particular level too easy? Time to make it harder. It’s through a variety of analytics tools that developers are able to do this. Companies such as Flurry, Google and Kontagent are all available to developers on iOS and Android, but what will BlackBerry 10 developers use? If you’re a developer making apps or games for BlackBerry 10, tell us what tools you’re using or considering. Keep reading for more details.
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BlackBerry vs iPhone App Usage: BlackBerry Higher During Workday


The latest report from Localytics suggests that BlackBerry usage is concentrated and higher during the workday, while iPhone app usage peaks around 9PM on weeknights. Localytics took this information from millions of phones in the US and Canada over 2 months.

The stats reveal much of what you would expect, including that iPhone owners use mobile apps more frequently on the weekend where usage is 40% higher than BlackBerry during the same time Monday through Friday. Mobile app usage for iPhone users peaks at 9PM EST during the week.

Blackberry mobile app usage is clearly higher throughout the workday and starts to peak at 7 pm EST, two hours earlier than the iPhone. There is also no statistically significant difference in the usage of BlackBerry apps on the weekend compared to Monday through Friday, unlike the iPhone.

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