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Global Alert Network Gives Location-Based Extreme Weather Alerts


global alert network

Global Alert Network has created a free app that gives you emergency updates, traffic alerts and weather info that you can access safely, even while in the car via hands-free audio alert. The app uses your device’s GPS to give you location-relevant alerts that are automatic, meaning one you download the app and set the alerts, you’re done. You don’t have to touch or interact with the device any further making it like those “set and forget it” cookers.

To download the app for free, head over to App World.

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Reader Asks: How Do I Get My Stolen BlackBerry Back?


Location of stolen BlackBerry
This is where Protect places my BlackBerry

Dear BlackBerryCool,

You guys write about apps like BlackBerry Protect and SmrtGuard all the time, and I thought I would give Protect a try. Just my luck, last week I had my BlackBerry stolen and I turned on Protect to see if I could find it. Protect gave me a map with a pin of where my device is, accurate to about 6 meters (ED NOTE: pictured above). So I decided to call the police and report it stolen because it’s technically theft over $500, making it worth police attention. In the report I said I have software installed to help find my BlackBerry and an investigator called me back a few days ago. I gave him the screenshot and he said he would get back to me. This is what he said:
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SHAPE Services Launches Neighbors IM+ Open Beta


IM+ by Shape Services

SHAPE Services has launched a cool version of their IM+ chat client called Neighbors IM+ which lets you locate friends on the map. When signed in, users of Neighbors IM+ will be able to locate friends on the map, chat with local friends as well as initiate conversations with other people who are located nearby. This app puts SHAPE in a fast-growing market of location-aware chat and social network services.

Head over to the SHAPE Services site to download the zip files for the beta.

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Food Recommendation App Tasterous Launches for BlackBerry


Ever since phones got cameras in them, people have been proudly snapping photos of the food they’ve made or take pictures of their wonderfully plated restaurant orders before digging in. Enter Tasterous, a food sharing and discovery app that has all the features you need to manage your culinary micro-blog.

Based out of Indonesia, Tasterous utilizes the Foursquare API’s venue data to manage checkins. After checking in, users upload photos of dishes that are counted as “tastings”. Posting tastings give you points as well invites comments from your followers.

Originally called Cicipi (that’s taste in Indonesian), they’ve adopted the name Tasterous for their worldwide launch. Download Tasterous for BlackBerry, and start adding friends with good taste.

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PhoneTag Lets You Share Location and Chat with Friends in Real-Time


ripple phonetag app

PhoneTag is a really cool free app that combines location and messaging into one platform. The app lets you securely share your location and see your friends’ locations – then communicate with each other in real time. To use the app, you invite friends to join your PhoneTag session and everyone who accepts can see each other on a map and chat in real-time. The app lets you set preferences on location sharing, and lets you keep sessions open for minutes, days or forever. Other features of PhoneTag include:
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Whrrl Acquired by Groupon and Shuts Down Mobile Apps



It wasn’t that long ago that we wrote about Whrrl and their checkin service. The BlackBerry app was pretty cool although it was very much in Beta. There was also a mobile site that let you checkin to venues and join what Whrrl called societies. Societies are groups of people with similar interests and it’s this feature that makes them a clear acqhire and acquisition.

Since Whrrl was focused on allowing users to make a list of things they want to do locally, and join affinity groups of people with similar interests, it should be interesting to see how they fit into Groupon. Read more from Pelago’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Holden after the jump.
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