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BlackBerry Event Tops Largest Number of 4SQ Checkins in Indonesia


blackberry indonesia
Check out “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” on 4SQ

We’ve written a few times here on BlackBerryCool about Indonesia because the country is fascinating from a web and mobile uptake perspective. Recently, RIM helped made Foursquare history in Indonesia, a country known for its intense badge collecting, during a BlackBerry sponsored concert in Jakarta. With a record 31548 checkins and 19216 people, “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” was likely 100% powered by BlackBerry (still need confirmation). This means that a single, one day Indonesian event registered around 20% of the total checkins registered at the Austin Convention Center which hosts SXSW, where Foursquare was debuted.

I’ve reached out to Foursquare for comment and we’ll update with anything they may provide.

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An App Like Color Needs to be Cross-Platform


Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

Color is an interesting app that uses your location to share photos that are being taken around you. The company got a lots of attention because they raised $41 million dollars and they were a social product with no users. But it’s the team at Color and the potential for the app that seems to be driving the investment.
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Indonesian Foursquare Jumpers Show How Virtual Goods Motivate


Fousquare Jumper
Foursquare user Smokit is a Foursquare Jumper. Check out @somkitl‘s Twitter feed too.

Almost every modern, relevant web service and app is using badges and virtual goods to motivate their users to participate and act more on the app/service. Websites such as The Fancy, Foodspotting, Raptr, Untappd, GetGlue, OneTrueFan etc. all use basic game mechanics and virtual goods to motivate their users. While all of them are seeing some great traction with their users, Foursquare has a unique group of Indonesian users called “Jumpers” that have taken the virtual goods hoarding to another level.

The Indonesian badge mafia has a goal of grabbing every single Foursquare badge available and they’ll do so by any means necessary including fake checkins, web/geo workarounds and even paying other users to check them in. How did this group come about? Well a lot of it has to do with the country itself. Indonesia is a country of 240 million people, of which half is under the age of 29. These young adults are obsessed with the web and the startup culture that fosters innovation in the space. Not only are they die hard BlackBerry and smartphone users, but they constitute a significant portion of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare’s traffic.
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Whrrl Promotes Local Discovery With Community Recommendations and Game Mechanics


Whrrl on YouTube

Whrrl is a community of people who are discovering the world around them and building focused communities that recommend and discover places together. Whrrl enables people to checkin, make a list of things they want to do locally, and join affinity groups of people with similar interests. The goal is to motivate users through game mechanics and rewards to drive real-world purchases and discovery of local businesses.

Businesses participate in Whrrl by offering prizes to people who checkin to their locations. The more influence you have in a community or, as Whrrl calls them, Societies, the more chances you have of winning a local reward.
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Collect Your Favorite Spots and Share Them With Whatser


Whatser – New Design from Whatser on Vimeo.

Whatser is a cool company that was at SXSW representing their location based service that lets you collect your favorite local spots and share them with your friends. The app is available across all three platforms: iOS, Android and BlackBerry, and it’s a fun way for local scene mavens to share the coolest spots in town with friends.

One of the more useful aspects of Whatser is discovering great new places from people you know in cities that you don’t live in. For example, I may live in Ottawa and have a friend in New York City whose opinion I value and thus can check his Whatser account for a list of places that would be great to visit. A downside of the service is that like any location startup, it’s generally big cities that gain first while smaller cities that may not have as many early tech adopters, will not get as much value out of the service.
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SXSWi: What Was the Killer App or Company At the Show?



SXSWi is over and while we’re still wondering what the killer app at the show was one can’t help but be overwhelmed with the noise. It’s also a lot of the noise that means there doesn’t seem to be a single app or company that launched at South by that could be considered the next big thing.

I once heard that success at South by depends on whether you can get people at the show Laid, Made or Paid. Location-based chat apps were going to be a killer app for the conference and the timing is just right. People are getting increasingly comfortable converting social network strangers to real-life acquaintances, and the “getting people laid” portion of the show will be much easier with location-based chat apps. While the idea is great, it really didn’t seem like location-based chat apps were doing much for anyone at South by.
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