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BlackBerry Blog Hacked in Response to RIM Statement – Hackers Threaten to Reveal Employee Info


BlackBerry Website hack

RIM recently released a statement saying the company will company with The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in light of the London riots. Compliance with the act could mean RIM would be intercepting and handing over relevant communications. Police have said that BBM was used to coordinate much of the looting and riots and these messages could lead to arrests.

For those unaware of the riots, it seems to have been caused by the death of Mark Duggan, an alleged drug dealer who was shot by a special gang and drug division of Scotland Yard. Duggan also apparently used BBM to send a final message to his girlfriend. He wrote, “The Feds are following me.” Handing over Duggan’s BBM messages to police could also reveal a lot about the individual whose death apparently inspired the riots.

The hacker group TeaMp0isoN targeted RIM’s official blog and left the following message on the site:
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(Rumor) RIM to expand retail to London via Selfridges



RIM may be expanding its retail presence worldwide. Currently, there are a small number of shops in North America and there may be plans to expand to London via the department store Selfridges.

The London RIM outlet, will be located inside the Selfridges on Oxford Street and will open in the next couple of months.

This could really help RIM with device sales since having their own outlet means they don’t have to compete with other brands and devices. Also, often the sales team that works in these stores is simply motivated by commission, and selling a smartphone may not be the easiest way to make a sale. It’s at least worth it to test the market.