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Free BlackBerry Apps That Help Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions


Health and fitness might be a New Year’s resolution cliche but I need to bounce back into action after after sitting around stuffing my face with food over the holidays. Quitting smoking is also best done when it’s cold out so here are some great free diet, fitness and quit smoking apps for BlackBerry.
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SmrtGuard BETA users update – new features and upgrade


Thanks to everyone who participated in the SmrtGuard BETA program. There were a ton of great comments and feedback. In response, SmrtGuard has made several improvements to their product and they have implemented several new features.

What is New:

* Fixed Call Log backup problem
* Add Vondafone (UK/Spain/Australia), Orange UK, T-mobile (Germany) to list of approved BlackBerry Native Emails
* Fixed Personal Guardian Preference freeze issue
* Change Personal Guardian timeout to 8 seconds instead of 5
* Auto prompt for activation when entering the application for the first time
* Other minor fixes

How to Upgrade:

From your BlackBerry’s browser, go here.