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Free Charger Alarm App Makes For Safe Public Charging


Charger Alarm by Aitchehtee is a free app for BlackBerry that sounds an alarm when the power gets disconnected. This makes charging in public a bit easier as you’ll hear a loud alarm when someone disconnects the device.
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The Vault Pro Helps BlackBerry Users Recover From a Lost Wallet


The Vault Pro is a BlackBerry app by The Jared Company that password protects photos of your ID, license and credit cards on your phone. When your wallet or purse goes missing, just refer to your saved images so you can call and cancel them.
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Lost Smartphone Experiment Highlights The Need For Mobile Security Measures


Scott Wright, a researcher and security coach hired by Symantec conducted a small-scale experiment in which he “lost” 50 smartphones in a few big cities. Loaded with tracking software, the phones had some made-up personal and corporate data to try and determine what the people who found the phones would access. Carried out in late 2011, the test gleans into what really happens when you lose an unsecured smartphone.
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Poll: Have You Ever Used Location to Find a Lost or Stolen Device?


blackberry protect

There are a few services out there that will help you find a lost or stolen device (SmrtGuard, BlackBerry Protect, BerrySnooper). The question is: how effective are these services at finding your device? If your BlackBerry is anywhere that might not have perfect reception, you’re going to have a hard time locating it. Take the above screenshot for example. This was taken with BlackBerry Protect enabled on my Torch and my device was located at the corner of York and Cumberland, not even within the red circle that BlackBerry Protect says it is. Now, if I couldn’t find my BlackBerry and I left it at a bar, I could use the service to narrow down whether my device was at said bar or if it was at my house or office. While the exact location isn’t always necessary, you have to wonder how useful this particular features really is. So we’re asking the reader, have you ever recovered a lost or stolen device with the help of a location tracking service? Hit the poll after the jump.
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Prince William County Residents’ Data Lost After BlackBerry Stolen


total chaos after blackberry stolen

We have heard this story before – a public servant is walking around with a BlackBerry that isn’t password protected and they lose the device along with sensitive data. This has happened again, this time in Prince William County, where a public servant lost a device containing private information on almost 700 residents including addresses and Social Security numbers.

According to the executive director for county community services, “it should have been better secured with the use of a password,” he said. “We didn’t do what should have been done.” Not only that, but you would think a government BlackBerry would have an IT admin who would force a password on the device. Also, as soon as the device was found to be missing, the data could be wiped and hopefully stopping someone from taking it before it’s too late.

It’s not clear whether the device was stolen with the intent of taking the personal information, or whether the thief was simply looking to steal a BlackBerry and resell it. This is exactly the sort of situation that BlackBerry Protect will be able to address for individuals.

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SIM Detective – the vigilante’s favorite BlackBerry application



Getting your BlackBerry stolen is terrible, but knowing your BlackBerry is being used by the thief who stole it is even worse. If someone steals your BlackBerry and changes the SIM, it is very hard to track the phone and get it back.

With SIM detective, a text or email is sent to a pre-chosen friend with all the thief’s information like the IMSI, carrier, cell number and everything you need to contact the authorities and get your BlackBerry back.

This is a simple application that will hopefully save BlackBerry users a lost device.

Purchase SIM Detective for $5.99.