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Lypp goes live next week


Lypp You might remember that we reported on Lypp’s free Canadian long-distance deal using BlackBerrys last month. Well, we just got word that they’re going live October 15th. They’ll be offering an introductory $9.99 monthly rate for 250 minutes of calling anywhere in the US and Canada. If you’ve got unlimited incoming calling, this should work out to about $50 in savings, or more if you find you’re a big talker. You need to have IM on your phone, so this is really ideal for BlackBerrys and other smartphones. Lypp also let us in on a feature which will let you issue call commands through instant messaging if you upload your contacts by desktop to Lypp’s website. This would give you handy access to your contacts regardless of what particular device you’re using.

Free long distance calls within Canada on your BlackBerry


LyppObviously, when we heard that Lypp was offering free long distance calls to Canadian BlackBerry users, we guffawed in disbelief. Of course, the bit where they take a jab at Canadian wireless rates got us on their side. Supposedly, Lypp is offering their service for free until the end of October. We’re jumping through the registration hoops now to see how well it all works. Any other Canucks in the house should give this a shot to see if it really is too good to be true.