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Automatically Sync OTA with Outlook and Entourage with Syncamatic


Syncamatic is a new app that automatically syncs your address book, calendar, task-list and memo notes between your BlackBerry and your PC or Mac. The sync is performed wirelessly (OTA) and there is a free version that provides much of the same functionality except in the free version, sync is manual and in the premium version it’s automatic. Currently, only Outlook 2007 is supported, but you get automatic updates, reset synchronization and more.

To find out more about Syncamatic, and how the Mac version integrates with Entourage and MobileMe, sign up for the company’s webcast.

Check out Syncamatic in App World.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Updated to 1.0.3


BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac has been updated to version 1.0.3 with support for Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Some of the fixes in this release include:

  • General – BlackBerry Desktop Manager did not connect with some BlackBerry 7130s using BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.
  • Synchronizing data – Modifying an occurrence or the full series of a recurring event on your device resulted in a duplicated entry on Microsoft Entourage. This was intermittent.
  • Calendar – Attendee status changed from “Accepted” to “Invited” after changing the meeting details after synchronization.
  • Contacts – Home fields were duplicated on your computer, if a different home number is added on the device and on the computer to an existing contact.

Download the release notes for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac 1.0.3.

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How to Convert Videos for Your BlackBerry Using a Mac or a PC



With specs similar to that of a year 2000 era PC, the BlackBerry is an impressive little mobile computer. With screen resolution getting bigger with every year, I’m finding that video is all the more watchable on your device. So for those of you with a long bus, train, or chopper commute, here’s how to convert video for your BlackBerry.

PC users should watch this demonstration on how to use the Roxio Media Manager for Blackberry. The Media Manager is easy to use and works well, if you don’t have it yet, download it here.

Mac users don’t benefit from a supported video conversion suite but not to worry: the process is not that much harder to do. All you have to do is choose a file type you would like to convert to, choose the settings appropriate to your device, then drop the completed file into iTunes and sync using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac.
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Mac OSx Pro Edition BlackBerry theme with Stacks on sale



The Mac OS user experience is one element where Mac trumps PC and it’s nice to have it on your BlackBerry. This Mac OSx Pro Edition these comes with Mac Stacks, the feature in your Dock which allows you to easily access applications and documents (seen in the above screenshot).

This theme has been recently updated and the latest features include:

  • New Incoming Call Wallpaper (- Large Phone)
  • AppMenu now includes Date and Carriers Name
  • Larger ToolBar in AppScreen Menu to accommodate Date and Carriers Name

Also, some highlights you’ll find in this theme include:

  • Stack brings up 6 additional Icons Just click to bring up and hide
  • QuickLaunch App integration allows you to free up your sidekeys for additional apps (Sold Separately)
  • Hidden Dock allows you to show off your wallpaper without the clutter of icons
  • Weather App integration must be your 1st app on your app screen.

Purchase the Mac OSx Pro Edition BlackBerry theme for $0.99 until August 16th (regularly $2.99).

For QuickLaunch integration, purchase QuickLaunch for $4.99.

For a good weather app, purchase BerryWeather for $9.95.


A simple Bluetooth-based BlackBerry tethering solution for Mac users



EasyTether is the simplest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Mac via Bluetooth. All you have to do is follow some basic setup procedures and run the application. Once your device and computer are connected, you can use your BlackBerry data plan to get Internet access.

Setting Up:

On BlackBerry:

  • Enable Bluetooth and ensure you are in the data coverage area
  • Set the device in discoverable mode
  • Start EasyTether and turn on the Bluetooth PAN connection

On Mac:

  • Start Bluetooth Setup Assistant (Bluetooth -> Set up Bluetooth Device)
  • Select “Mobile phone” or “Any device” as a device type
  • Wait until Mac OS X finds your BlackBerry
  • Select the “Use device as a network port” service

You will only have to do this setup the first time. The company also has a caveat that due to limitations in Bluetooth stack on BlackBerry, the first attempt to connect will often fail. Just ignore the error message and re-connect.

EasyTether is available for the special price of $4.95 until August 16th.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac details and impressions


mac desktop summary

The official word is that BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac will be coming in September. Don’t worry about downloading the software on that day because you will automatically get notified that an update is available and get a download link, if you’ve already downloaded RIM’s current Mac solution.

One of the great things about Desktop Manager for Mac is that it is an application built for Mac users. The software has a clean user interface and a simple navigation system. Sync’ing individual files is only one click away, whereas it is a few navigation clicks away in the PC version.

The software comes with integrated Media Sync for iTunes, and sync support for multiple iCal calendars and Entourage. You can also sync multiple devices at once.

Another great feature, especially for Storm users, is that it will automatically notify you of official carrier OS updates.

Again, the software is coming in September but we’ll have our full review for you before launch.