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PocketMac update supports Entourage and iTunes


AppleMac users rejoice! Entourage 2008, designed to emulate much of Microsoft Office, can now support syncing for BlackBerrys released as of May through PocketMac. Devices running OS 4.5 reportedly work like a charm for getting contacts, tasks, and calendar items off your Mac and onto your BlackBerry via Entourage. iTunes support is also in there, although it’s kind of funny that PC users got the iTunes Media Sync first. This is pretty awesome for Mac users everywhere, considering the complete lack of love they tend to get from RIM. Hopefully this will keep enough of them from going with the iPhone instead… Hey, you can always make your BlackBerry look like an iPhone with themes like iBerry in Today, Icon and Zen styles. Head on over to the PocketMac site to download version 4.1.25.

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Flowberry theme makes you wish your BlackBerry was a Mac


The latest trick coming out of the new Plazmic developer’s kit is Flowberry. Pretty shiny, huh? Too bad they took out the bottom bar that earlier version was showing. Still, a pretty slick design for those Mac-users in the house who just can’t get enough of the coverflow-style interface. Not bad, but I think I’m going to stick with Crossbar. If Mac is your bag though, go ahead and get your Flowberry on, or if you miss that bottom bar, try out Finder.

iBerry 2.0 Today theme available


iBerry Today theme for BlackBerry

If you really dug the standard Icon iBerry theme, Bplay just busted out a Today version of the iBerry Blackberry theme, letting you get a better view of your incoming messages, meetings and calls on your home screen. On top of that, you get four of your top apps shown in a bottom dock, just like the classic iPhone style. For the full-blown Macophile, the Finder theme has also returned, featuring a familiar bottom dock and icon set. Of course, the iBerry theme might be admitting some defeat to the iPhone hype, wouldn’t it? You could always scope out the re-released Crossbar theme, or some other fresh Next Gen themes like Reflex Today Plus.

iPhone target for BlackBerry Connect?


AppleWord has it RIM’s fishing internally for a developer familiar with Cocoa and Objective C (both Mac programming languages), which suggests that an iPhone BlackBerry Connect client may be on the way. Apple’s enterprise e-mail is still being tested, but once it rolls out, RIM could easily cash in on the iPhone’s growing popularity rather than try to butt heads with it. It would be hard to argue with a device that boasted both the smooth touch interface as well as solid BlackBerry e-mail service – the only real downside would be the unreliable virtual keyboard. Of course, the developer may just be for making a much-needed Mac version of Desktop Manager.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Mark/Space


markspace logoIf you’re a Mac user like myself, you probably know that RIM’s Mac support leaves a little something to be desired. So for a refreshing change of pace, we’re taking a look at the Mac-exclusive company: Mark/Space. They have a series of products for syncing your Mac to a variety of mobile devices, and of course The Missing Sync for BlackBerry. The app works similarly to RIM’s licensed solution, PocketMac, but includes a few really nice features, such as allowing you to sync up selected iPhoto albums to your microSD card. It even resizes them to fit the mobile screen, and it works in reverse, automatically adding new photos taken on your phone to iPhoto. It can also sync up with iTunes, and it works with Apple’s SyncServices for maximum compatibility with all sorts of apps. I’ve no doubt there will be some neat demos from them at WES.

WorldMate Live adds Mac support and new email services


If you’ve somehow missed WorldMate Live, we’ve got you covered with a review, a spotlight, and a podcast. The software is a must-have for any globetrotter, allowing you to create itineraries and check world clocks, flight status, weather and more. Their latest update adds support for reading travel confirmation emails from a number of web-based email services including Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail. Users can forward confirmations to WorldMate’s confirmation address to have them automatically added to their itinerary and pushed to their BlackBerry, or have their travel agents skip the middleman and send them directly to WorldMate. They’ve also added Safari support, so Mac users can jump in on the action as well. If you’d like to get 6 months of WML’s premium service, you should check out our Weekly Contest