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New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Playbook Now Available Free


Magmic has announced the release of The New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Playbook. This new tablet edition give users access to the same daily crossword puzzles featured in The New York Times print edition but with an elegant tablet user interface.

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New High Tech Solaris Theme With Integrated Weather


solaris theme

The latest theme from Magmic is called Solaris and it features a radial high tech design. This theme comes with extensive quality assurance testing so you can be sure that it will run smooth on your device. A core feature of Solaris is the integrated WeatherEye application that displays local weather information right on your homescreen. We definitely recommend this theme if you’re looking for something effective and stylish.

Check out the Solaris theme over at Bplay. There’s decent device support so be sure to click through and see if your device is supported.

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New Theme: Hexit by Magmic with Hexagonal Icons and Metallic Look


Magmic recently released the Hexit theme for non-touch BlackBerry users. This theme features hexagonal icons and an innovative circular scrolling feature on your home screen. This theme brings functionality and a sleek metallic style together in a perfect way.

Grab a copy of the Hexit theme in the BlackBerryCool store powered by Bplay.

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A Quick Review of 50 Applications for the BlackBerry Torch


blackberry app list

How many apps do you have on your device? Turns out I have 50. I thought I would go through each one of them with a very quick, one sentence review of each. If you go through the list and know an app that’s better than the one I have, please recommend in the comments. I wouldn’t recommend this many apps as I find the device a little on the sluggish side. If you want your Torch running at full speed, it’s probably best to keep it to a minimal number of apps that you use on a constant basis. Click through for a quick review of 50 apps for the Torch:
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Ottawa Developers Talk BlackBerry Development Experience and RIM


ice sculpture
An ice sculpture of a BlackBerry at Ottawa’s Winterlude.

RIM has been catching a lot of negative press lately and it’s interesting to see what Ottawans have to say about it considering the city is home to a lot of RIM employees and some development studios that have experience with BlackBerry. It’s one thing to hear what analysts have to say, but it’s another to actually talk to developers and people who are building businesses on the platform.

Generally, it seems the developer tools are both a blessing and a headache. The tools are creating a barrier to entry which has a negative impact on RIM’s ability to attract new developers, but it’s creating big opportunities for those who know how to use them as it’s sheltering their business from new competitors. RIM is definitely working on a new set of tools and how the company executes could result in a big influx of new developers.

Click through to read about what some developers are saying about the platform.
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New Theme: iWidgets Pink by Magmic with WeatherEye Integration and More


iwidgets pink magmic theme

Magmic recently released their latest iWidgets Pink theme and you can be sure that it’s a solid theme with a lot of quality testing on it. This theme features home screen widgets including calendar, messages, and WeatherEye integration. With the WeatherEye integration, you can get weather updates directly on your homescreen without having to open an application or web page. The iWidgets Pink theme features full OS 6 support and a clean design that will simplify the way you use your BlackBerry.

Grab a copy in the new BlackBerryCool store powered by Bplay.

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