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Make it Seven update: only Jim Balsillie and the NHL are left


Ice Edge Holdings have withdrawn from the auction for the Phoenix Coyotes, leaving only Jim Balsillie and the NHL left in the auction.

PSE Sports and Entertainment, the company used by Jim Balsillie to bid for the team, have recently upped their bid potential to $242.5 million USD. The condition of the bid of course, is that the team be relocated to Hamilton in order to give Canada its 7th hockey team.

The NHL is bidding $140 million, but plans to sell the team immediately after acquiring it.

So lets take a look at the last two candidates:

Jim Balsillie – Hockey lover, esteemed business man and the largest bidder.

The NHL – Protectionist boobs who want to flip the team like an old house.

According to the Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner, “the league intends to resell the franchise as promptly as possible, hopefully to an approved owner who will keep the club in Glendale.” But Glendale have already shot themselves in the foot on this one. They had the chance to come to an agreement with Ice Edge Holdings, but it wasn’t going to happen. While it’s not clear why, Ice Edge told the media “We couldn’t get there with the City of Glendale.”

So the City is too greedy and the NHL are bidding too low for a franchise they don’t even want.

Can this please be over with already?



Make it Seven Update: Melnyk and Balsillie getting heated



Things are getting pretty heated between Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and Jim Balsillie.

Recently, Balsillie was rejected as a potential owner of the Phoenix Coyotes by the league’s governors because he was deemed to be lacking “good character and integrity.” Jim responded by suggesting in a document filed to the bankruptcy court that “the NHL has long tolerated indicted and even convicted criminals among its ranks.”

The Melnyk and Balsillie trouble started when Balsillie singled out Melnyk, who was fined $1-million for alleged violations of the Canadian Securities Act and ordered to step down as director of his company, Biovail, for one year. Sound familiar?

Both Mr. Melnyk and NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly fired back at Mr. Balsillie. “I have watched with some dismay Jim Balsillie’s fall from being a deserving business icon to what now appears to be a desperate man willing to say anything or do anything to buy an NHL franchise,” Mr. Melnyk said in a release.

“In a recent legal filing, he dragged me into his hurricane of legal filings and panicked pleas and cited me as someone who is lacking the personal integrity to own the Ottawa Senators hockey franchise. I’ve tried to reach Jim through his office to find out why he would say something like this about me — we barely know each other– but I’ve received no response.”

“I will say in response publicly that his willingness to drag down anyone he can get his hands on along with him is discouraging and saddens me. Jim and I both found great success in our Canadian businesses. And that is where the comparisons stop.”

Balsillie also took aim at Bruce McNall, owner of the LA Kings, who was sentenced to almost six years in prison for defrauding several banks of more than US$236-million.

While it may be a good strategy to point out the inconsistencies in what the NHL is saying, it’s my personal opinion that Balsillie should have simply focused on the good he does, rather than the bad things others have done. Balsillie has a plethora of ventures that are indicative of a businessman with character and who invests in the country and institutions that brought him success. Here are just a few from his Wiki:

  • In 2000, Balsillie provided $10 million of personal funds towards the founding of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, adding to the $100 million already contributed by fellow RIM executive Mike Lazaridis.
  • In 2002, Balsillie founded the Centre for International Governance Innovation with $30 million of personal funds.
  • In 2007, Balsillie donated $50 million to the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the Centre for International Governance Innovation as part of a $100 million initiative to create the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

Sure, Balsillie has made some aggressive business moves and does leverage the media to get what he wants, but none of this suggests a man who lacks character.



Make it Seven campaign update: Gary Bettman’s BlackBerry



Aislin Editorial Cartoon in the Gazette.

Balsillie hasn’t been having much success these days in the courtroom but the man has perseverance and money, so don’t underestimate his ability to get whatever he wants.

Next week, there will be a court hearing as to the fate of the Phoenix Coyotes and whether or not they’ll be moving to Hamilton to become Canada’s seventh hockey team.

Most recently, team owner Jerry Moyes and Jim Balsillie have had their lawyers request that the courts turn over documents relating to the sale of the team, as well as they have asked for consent in the examination of commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly. This isn’t going to make Bettman very happy, which is why the above editorial cartoon sums things up nicely.

If the request goes through, Bettman is going to have a lot of tough questions to answer. The NHL has rejected Balsillie as a potential owner but they’ve yet to provide an adequate explanation as to why. The examination will also try and expose the reasoning behind the NHL’s argument that it isn’t possible to move the Coyotes in time for the start of the 2009-2010 season coming in October.

So it’s still anyone’s game at this point. Join the Make it Seven campaign today.



Happy Canada Day! The Best of Canadian Culture


Happy Canada day folks! BlackBerry Cool would like to present what could be considered “The Best of Canadian Culture.” Feel free to comment your personal favorite Canadiana. Here they are in no particular order:

Canadian companies

RIM isn’t the only company making headlines. Canadian Scientific Research and Development Credits make it possible for many Canadian companies to invest the budgets necessary for great products.


The Make it Seven campaign has done a great job of promoting Canadian hockey. It’s a big part of Canadian culture and we’re proud of our nation’s dominance in the sport.

French Canada

It’s great to live in an officially bilingual country, founded on two distinct cultures (anglo and franco). Canada’s French history can be seen in Quebec, the Acadian East Coast and our First Nations Peoples.

The East Coast

Theirs a well-deserved stereotype about Canadians that they’re polite and friendly. The maritimes is a great place to experience this friendly vibe. Go during lobster fest!

The West Coast

Whether you’re skiing in the Rockies or on a beach in Vancouver, the West Coast is an outdoorsman’s dream.

Prairies and Central Canada

Canada’s natural resources are an economic competitive advantage. We have vast amounts of wheat, softwood lumber, minerals and a booming oil economy. Did you know we’re the largest exporter of oil to the US?

Aboriginal and First Nations People

Canada’s First Nations People represent a Canada that was totally different than it is today. While it hasn’t been an easy transition for these cultures, they remain a huge part of our culture and nationhood.

Canadian Music, Film, Arts and Entertainment

There isn’t one unified Canadian taste in music, film or the arts. All we can do is present some openly Canadian examples. Some good recent Canadian bands include Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and The Stills. Trailer Park Boys is a great Canadian show about degenerate life in Halifax. Canada is also a great place to film popular hollywood movies. Government subsidies make it very cost effective to film in Canada.

Help Make it Seven today before critical court hearing June 9th


The new Copps Colliseum
Jim Balsillie Unveils Dramatic Revitalization for Copps Coliseum

On Tuesday, June 9th, there is a critical court hearing to determine whether the Coyotes can be relocated when they’re sold out of bankruptcy. The Make it Seven campaign needs to present the judge with evidence of bigger, stronger and deeper numbers of Hamilton backers.

Use the “Tell a Friend” feature to tell your neighbours, co-workers, family and friends to sign up to makeitseven.ca.


Jim Balsillie and the makeitseven campaign update



[ED NOTE: If you’ve registered at makeitseven.ca, you have already seen the message from Jim Balsillie. I thought I’d repost the letter for those who haven’t seen it and to encourage more registrations.]

A message from Jim Balsillie:

Yesterday, Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes filed documents in court confirming his receipt of our offer to purchase the team for US$212.5 million, that the offer expires June 30, 2009 and that it is conditional upon moving the team to southern Ontario. We learned that the court has moved up its date to hear arguments on the question of relocation to June 9th and Judge Baum has said he will rule on this issue shortly after. If he rules the team can be relocated, the Judge has also indicated he will move the date of the auction we have asked for up to June 22nd.

We have maintained from the beginning that we need to be in control of the team by then to know if we can move it this year, or if we have to keep it in Glendale for another year and then move it to its new home, Copps Coliseum, where we have secured the rights to a long-term lease.

We are moving ahead. In the days ahead, I will have more exciting details to share with you about bringing this team to Canada.

In the meantime, we need our voices to be heard. Currently, we have over 130,000 people signed up www.makeitseven.ca and we need to reach out to hockey lovers throughout Canada and the world to expand our movement. If each of you were able to get one friend to sign up, we could mobilize over a quarter of a million people in an online movement.