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New Wi-Fi chip to save lots of power


AtherosWe just read on Gizmodo about some upcoming Wi-Fi chip from Atheros which will be very forgiving to battery life. The AR6002 claims to be “The World’s Lowest-Power Mobile WLAN Solution” and will take 100 hours to drain a 3.7V, 800mAh battery running on VoIP, and has virtually no drain while the handheld runs in standby. We all know how much stock RIM puts into battery life, so maybe this little sucker will find its way into 8820s, 8120s, and 8320s after first quarter of 2008 when they get released.

Voice testing hardware goes portable


Metrico Metrico has recently unveiled a new version of their testing system called Muse, which allows manufacturers to test handset voice quality in the field. These guys expanded their testing facilities not too long ago, and have partnered with RIM for previous testing. This new package should provide a solid option for future field testing no matter what new BlackBerrys they’re working with.

The Muse testing system supports the full spectrum of wireless technologies, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX and UMA, and can be used to analyze any type of telephony device. The robust, portable Muse system is affordable enough to allow wireless players to equip all of their wireless and/or audio engineers in the field with the tool.

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 2)


Boy GeniusBy popular demand, we’ve got round two of our interview with the preeminent tech blogger Boy Genius. BlackBerry Cool’s EIC Doug Soltys yaks it up with the Big BG about leaks, carriers, manufacturers, advertisers, MVNOs, and the iPhone. Without further ado, here‘s the podcast for your listening pleasure. (Also on iTunes, if that’s your bag.)

Nokia tops smartphone manufacturers, leaves RIM in third


NokiaABI’s fed the big companies into its newfangled Vendor Matrix, which one imagines as some giant machine that churns and bubbles and whizzes and clunks along until it dings a little bell and spits out a result, and has put Nokia at the top, with Motorola in second and RIM in third. After listening to a friend in the UK gushing about his new Nokia N95 this morning, it’s no surprise that Nokia’s on top. Criteria for ranking is based on performance in innovation and implementation of products.

In terms of implementation, Nokia has captured 56% of the global smartphone market, which is where they’ve really succeeded since RIM, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have all matched Nokia’s innovation score. While these reports need to be taken with a grain of salt, ABI’s standards are fairly comprehensive.
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